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10 The Best WordPress SEO Plugins For 2017

Today we provide the best ten points which will help improve the visibility of your WordPress site.

/ May 3, 2017

20 Must Have WordPress Plugins on Your Website

Today, we have a collection of 20 WordPress plugins that we use, or we recommend using it to make your site better

/ April 8, 2017

15 WordPress Plugins to Help with Legal Compliance

As we do not want that you would have problems because of your website. We have collected 15 WordPress plugins that will lend you a hand in legal compliance.

/ March 30, 2017

15 Essential Plugins for Sketch 3

There are many reasons why you should use and love Sketch 3. It was created four years ago, and it is the perfect tool for Android, iOS and Web design. Behind this tool stand a small team of developers and...

/ August 23, 2016
10 Email Subscription Popup Plugins for WordPress

10 Email Subscription Popup Plugins for WordPress

If you want to convert website visitors into email subscribers you need to find a way to catch them. More than 65% of people visiting your website will probably never come back again. Sad, but it's true. But you have...

/ June 6, 2016
20 Time Saving & Free Photoshop Plugins

20 Time Saving & Free Photoshop Plugins

When you're working with the same tools every day to are always trying to find some shortcuts or checking for some tips. So, today I've decided to share 20 Photoshop plugins to Increase your productivity and saves some time.

/ February 29, 2016
10 Useful jQuery Video & Audio Players

10 Useful jQuery Video & Audio Players

Using a custom skinned jQuery audio/video player in your website is often more aesthetically pleasing then simply embedding a video from a third party website on your website. Being able to use a custom designed jQuery player also enables you to pair the design...

/ May 28, 2013
A Guide To Retina Graphics Your WordPress Theme

A Guide To Retina Graphics For Your WordPress Theme

With the release of the retina screen by Apple it would seem the future is a very high resolution one, with more and more users slowly using a retina or high resolution device to browse the web on it would...

/ January 10, 2013

10 Handy jQuery Instagram Plugins

Instagram is arguably one of the most popular photo sharing social networks, boasting over 30 million active users happily snapping away. With this in mind its only logical that users may want to display their photos on their own website....

/ January 7, 2013

Useful Tutorials For Creating Your First WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugins allow you to extend your default WordPress installation with almost any kind of functionality, you can download a vast collection of plugins from the WordPress plugin repository or you can create your own. In today's post I wanted...

/ September 13, 2012