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25 Sliding Hamburger Menus for App UI Inspiration

25 Sliding Hamburger Menus for App UI Inspiration

Smartphone mobile apps have taken the design world by storm. Even most web designers have taken a liking to app design by learning the common dimensions and interface elements of Android and iOS devices. One such example is the sliding...

/ December 15, 2014
10 Useful Time Saving Responsive Frameworks

10 Useful Time Saving Responsive Frameworks

The time spent building a new web project can be greatly reduced if you choose to use a prebuilt HTML5/CSS framework. A front-end framework can provide you with tons of prebuilt web elements such as responsive grids, JS sliders, complex...

/ January 13, 2014
Fat Fingers: A Look Into Responsive Navigation Trends

Fat Fingers: A Look Into Responsive Navigation Trends

Often when browsing a website on my iPhone I am impatiently zooming in and out trying to make use of their standard non responsive menu, this often leads to some clumsy fat fingered iPhone stabbing which only results in me...

/ July 25, 2013
20 New WordPress Portfolio Themes To Showoff Your Work

20 New WordPress Portfolio Themes To Showoff Your Work

You may be the best illustrator, photographer or blogger on the scene, but if you do not have a quality portfolio to showoff your work items, you may be loosing out on some serious exposure to potential clients. Not everyone...

/ February 4, 2013

Great Examples Of Responsive Design In The Wild

Creating a responsive design is become a standard nowadays, the rise of people viewing websites on their mobile devices increases the need to serve a responsive layout to the user. In the past I have provided detailed responsive design tutorials...

/ July 9, 2012

25 Of The Best WordPress eCommerce Themes

In today’s post I have bought you 25 best WordPress eCommerce themes, the themes are all pixel perfect design, well supported and easy to download and install. As a bonus some of these are also responsive WordPress themes, this means...

/ July 2, 2012

20 Pixel Perfect WordPress Gallery Themes

Gallery based WordPress themes provide a great way to showcase products and personal work, gallery themes are also great for starting your own niche focused WordPress gallery of items, as an example logos, designs, or photography compositions. Today I have...

/ May 3, 2012

Essential Responsive Web Design Testing Tools

During the re-design process of DesignWoop I wanted to make it a fully responsive design (meaning it will re-size depending on the browser dimensions and orientation). I wanted to ensure the site was legible on mobiles and tablets such as...

/ April 9, 2012

20 Responsive WordPress Portfolio Themes

Having a responsive portfolio design means visitors to your website will be able to view your portfolio better on mobile devices and tablets, depending on what device or screen size your visitor is using to view your portfolio, the responsive...

/ April 2, 2012

25 Sleek Blogfolio WordPress Themes

Blogfolio WordPress themes are a great tool to showcase your writing and your work together making them perfect theme for creative freelancers such as artists, photographers and graphic designers. Each Blogfolio WordPress theme allows you to display your featured work...

/ March 5, 2012