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How To Write The Perfect Tweet

Interesting post from Twittercism looking at things we can do to help us write better Tweets. I’m guilty for a lot of these but a good article for anyone looking to use Twitter as a marketing tool.

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Two Don’t Do Tips For Twitter

Okay so my post title might sound a bit negative but don’t get me wrong Twitter is great! For anyone who hasn’t joined or for anyone who is in the ‘I don’t get it phase’ well Twitter can be a great web tool, it’s not all about telling the world you’ve just had a cup of tea or something daft like that…

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Tutorial: Using CSS Shorthand in your Stylesheets

Using CSS Shorthand is great for reducing the lines of code and preventing us typing lots of duplicate lines of code in our stylesheet’s, but how many of us use it? I notice on a lot of developers stylesheets that they have multiple lines of code where only one is needed and I don’t really understand why! I guess it’s a personal preference, but here is how you can start coding CSS in shorthand.

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