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HTML5 Reset

Here is a nice little download for any HTML5'ers and it includes your reset, a folder structure containing the relevant files you need to get cracking on with your next project.

/ September 15, 2010

40 Amazing Resources for Design Freebies

Great collection of Design related freebies from Design Shack.

/ April 25, 2010

Integrating Lessn with WordPress to Create Future Proof Short URL’s

It seem's like everyone is using Bit.ly these days, and until about a week ago, I was too! One problem is that all these links were creating are relying on Mr Bit.ly hanging around. Okay okay, its unlikely that the...

/ April 25, 2010

CSS Formatting Tool

I've just been sent a link to this CSS formatting tool which is pretty cool for anyone wanting to convert between multi and single line CSS styling :). I haven't tried it fully yet so process with caution.

/ March 23, 2010

5 Techniques And 10 Tools For Making Blogging Easier

Great post from Boagworld looking into various tools and techniques that can make blogging easier.

/ March 22, 2010

ZURB CSS Grid Builder

Great tool for any grid users out there. Break away from using the same grid each time and generate your own using this tool from Zurb that even provides you with the code to get you started!

/ March 11, 2010

5 Reason’s to work directly from your Dropbox account

Dropbox, the must have app for 2009! Right? Well for most of us with a brain it was and my god it's a life saver! For anyone who hasn't heard of Dropbox yet, in a nutshell, its a piece of...

/ January 5, 2010