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20 In Depth Tutorials To Build Your Own Portfolio

Online portfolio is a must-have thing for a person or a company who runs a business or doing a freelance job. In order to create a well designed portfolio website you need to run the process through few different steps. The main steps are planning, design and coding – in this article you will find tutorials that will help you to get understanding of each of those steps.

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Tutorial: Grabbing Popular Dribbble Shots Dynamically via jQuery

Compared with any other design network Dribbble always seems to come out on top. The quality of submissions is beyond comprehension to most graphics designers, especially with mobile/web user interfaces. There are so many amazing shots published every day but it’s tough to keep up with the constant flow of new publications.

In this tutorial I want to demonstrate how we can build a small webapp which dynamically pulls all the most recent popular shots from Dribbble. The interface is very simple to work with and we want to create all these effects without refreshing the page. For organizing the backend data I’ll be using a custom jQuery plugin named jribbble. It suits our needs perfectly and it’s so easy to get started – even a newbie JavaScript developer could pick this up in a couple hours.

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Tutorial: Get Your Social Follower Count Using PHP

Often it is a pretty common occurrence to see websites display their social statistics such as Twitter followers and RSS subscribers on their site. In this tutorial, I will show you how to get your social following statistics for your Twitter, Facebook and Feedburner account. In this demo I have coded up Orman’s Subscriber Count Icons and used PHP to get each count.

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Tutorial: Pulling Your 5 Most Recent Tweets via Ajax

For web developers just breaking into social media there are dozens of fantastic APIs you can work with. Most notably the Twitter API has gotten a lot of attention in recent years. And such rightly so, as the developers at Twitter have been working nonstop to improve endpoints and other miscellaneous settings.

The API has also been online long enough that 3rd party developers have created their own web apps and released the code as open source. In this tutorial I’ll be working with exactly this type of open source jQuery plugin called tweet! which can pull recent tweets from any user account. The plugin also comes with some default styles which we’ll play around with. We could also pull tweet data from searches, lists, and favorites as well.

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Tutorial: Coding a jQuery Popup Modal Contact Form
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Tutorial: Coding a jQuery Popup Modal Contact Form

Modal windows have become a popular asset for web & mobile developers. iPhone and iPad applications have such a limited screen real estate that it’s useful to bring in additional menus floating on top of the view. This concept also translates well into webpage interfaces where you can hide smaller, minute details.

In this tutorial I’ll demonstrate how we can build a minimalist modal contact form. I’ll be using jQuery along with the fancybox plugin to manage dynamic content. The open source code libraries make scripting so much easier. And we can implement a small Ajax call which submits the form data via PHP on the server end.

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Essential WordPress Security Tools And Resources

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the world it is used not just by bloggers. WordPress has tons of plugins and themes available but these facts d not make it the safest platform for your next project. Security is very important nowadays, a lot of hackers are taking the websites and yours might not be the exception. If you want to make your WordPress theme as secure as possible you will find some nice tweaks, tips and plugins for improving the security of WordPress CMS.

I have collected some simple but useful tips and plugins for protecting your WordPress installation. Hopefully you will find these resources and tools handy.

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