30 Well-Designed Samples of Digital Typography

30 Well-Designed Samples of Digital Typography

From banners to logos and video effects, the use of digital typography is broad and widespread. Modern designers have achieved brilliant digital typography because of the many examples for inspiration. I’ve seen hundreds of fantastic examples from minimalism to textures and every detailed style you could imagine.

In this gallery I’ve put together a large collection of digital typography examples. If you’re looking for new project ideas or concepts to practice this gallery will assuredly prove useful. The learning process begins with inchoate studies and reading material but continues with lots of practice. And no matter how good you are, there’s always going to be room for improvement. So keep at it and use these examples as measurements for your end result.

20 Books for Designers to Read in 2015

20 Books for Designers to Read in 2015

Never ending learning is a mindset all the successful individuals have adopted. Design is a complex field that takes years to understand and master. It is no way a separate field and includes many different topics great designers need to dig in, just to mention some, you will definitely need to learn about design history, human behavior, psychology, business and more.

There are many great books out there that will help you to become a better designer and build better products for our world. In this compilation I’ve gathered some great books including classics like “Don’t make me think” by Steve Krug and some new promising pieces published just couple of months ago. Let the 2015 begins with some fresh knowledge.

Retro Fonts: New Additions For Your Font Collection


Back in January I posted a collection of pretty nice sans-serif typefaces that you can download to your font collection, following on from that post I wanted to share with you ten high quality retro fonts that you can also download and use.

These font faces should help you out when you need to add a retro feel to your next print or web design project. Try combining one of these retro fonts with the retro Photoshop actions I posted last week and share your results.

15 Sans-Serif Fonts For Your Font Collection

15 Sans-Serif Fonts For Your Font Collection

At the start of a new design project I always find myself on the search for new quality fonts that I can use in the project. Using typography correctly in the design project is often the fundamental foundation to delivering the tone, branding and intended message.

No matter if the project is print design, web design or mobile first design, paying close attention the typography used in the project is key in providing your users with a pleasant experience that allows them to easily digest your content.

I tend to think all designers maintain their own font collections, I find myself saving new ones all the time. With this in mind I would like to present you with a collection of 15 awesome sans-serif fonts I have added to my collection, hopefully you find them useful and add them to your font collection!

15 Websites Utilizing Full Screen Sliders


Web design industry is changing everyday. New techniques and graphic styles are being adopted by creative professionals who set all the time changing trends. The newest trend is websites with full screen sliders taking all of the display space or at least all space horizontally.

Full screen visuals with big and bold typography help to tell the story in viewer’s mind. That is why people are more likely to remember a website with huge imagery. One more thing is that people are focusing on moving things and if this big impressive picture is being changed with another one it grabs their attention even more.

If you are following the trends in this post you will find 15 nice examples of creative websites with full screen sliders. Let me know what do you think about this trend in comments section.

25 Examples Of Typographic Focused Web Design


The correct use of typography in web design plays an important role in the overall user experience, with the correct use of typography you help encourage the users reading and content discovery experience. The effective use of typography in these collected designs allows each site to have a very distinctive branding and tone, something which is not always easily achieved if your typography choice is a second thought in the design process.

In the past we have bought you some pretty awesome collections of typographic poster designs, hundreds of quality fonts to download and use in your projects, so this post serves as a great starting point to get some web typography inspiration and create something a little different in your next design.