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25 Hand Picked Sans-Serif Google Fonts

When creating new website designs I always reach the point where I need an extensive font collection to enable me to experiment with different headline and body combinations. When coding the design into the browser I often use Google Fonts, this gives me a vast array of fonts to choose from, all of which are also free to use and download! Take a look and download some of my recently used sans-serif fonts which are compatible with Google Fonts and let me know some of your favorites.

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Enhancing Your Typography With CSS3

Information has been vital component of the Internet for ages and that is the reason why people started to design websites – to access all available and needed information easily. Most of the information on the Web is text or typography and it plays very important role in website design too. Appropriate use of typography can improve overall design look so you definitely should pay some attention to this aspect of design.

Today I would like to present you some nice CSS3 techniques for improving your web typography. Unfortunately these experiments won’t work on all browsers because of weak CSS3 support but it is always interesting and fun to give a try on upcoming stuff.

Here are 15 unusual and beautiful CSS3 typography effect examples and explanations how to do them.

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25 Cool Typographic T-Shirts Designs

Typography is growing to become an absolutely huge part of design as we know it. Gone are the days of cluttered designs and horrible colours! The majority of designers knows everything about web 2.0, from how different it’s changed over the past 4 years and how it’s made a huge effect on modern fashion.

There are many t-shirt printing companies out there that produce absolutely outstanding quality t-shirt designs and the printing on them is equally as good – and usually with great quotes or tag lines!

Take a look at 25 outstanding typographic t-shirt designs.

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Inspiring Minimal Poster Designs

Posters makes are a perfect marketing tool for putting up around in public places for people to see, everywhere you travel you are almost always going to pass some form of advertisement or billboard, the problem with a majority of posters and billboards is the design work can be pretty unappealing. I have collected some truly awesome designed posters for your inspiration, if these were used in public spaces think how many extra customers and attention your brand would get. Take a look at this collection of inspiring minimal poster designs, I think if you saw one of these around you would take notice.

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30 Inspiring Examples of Big Typography in Web Design

One of the most important aspect of modern and effective web and graphic design these days is typography. Good selection of font type, size and color can make your website look more interesting and attractive for your website visitors. Using large typography you will easily grab an attention of website visitors and it will be easy to impress them and send the message at the same time. You will see that huge typography is being used everywhere in the website, starting from header and finishing with footer. In this collection you will find 30 inspiring examples of big typography implemented in modern web design.

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