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Time Management Tips for Being a Successful Web Designer

Being a freelance web designer means that you can wear many different hats on any given day. Although it's a great freedom to be your own boss, at times it can become overwhelming, leading to that awful burnt out feeling....

/ August 8, 2011

Tutorial: Create A Minimal Single Page Portfolio Design In PhotoShop

Today I will show you how I created this minimal & stylish single page portfolio design in Photoshop, I will show you step by step how I use the 960 Grid System with textures, icons and fonts to build this...

/ August 1, 2011

All New Must See Single Page Web Designs

They say less is more, how true they were. These stunning single page designs really show the power of single page web design, if you are stuck for ideas when designing your portfolio or you need a different direction for...

/ May 5, 2011

People Don’t Have Time for Complicated

Most people have preconceived notions when it comes to simplicity. We perceive things that are easily accessible as things without clutter and without too many options. When we are talking about website, this means white space and getting rid of...

/ April 18, 2011

How To: Create a jQuery sticky sidebar

This tutorial will show you how to implement a jQuery floating sidebar, the sidebar will slide up and down the screen respective to which way you are scrolling, this way the sidebar always sits at the top of the window....

/ January 1, 2011

Modular Scale

A really good read for anyone interested in type and web design!

/ November 26, 2010

50 Powerful Time-Savers For Web Designers

Intensely large post by Smashing Magazine showcasing many great resources / apps that are great for us Web Designer Folk.

/ October 20, 2010

CSS Content Property

Nice article from Jack Osborne looking at how we can use the CSS Content Property.

/ October 20, 2010

50 Fresh and Inspiring Dark Web Designs

Some really nice websites in this latest collection looking at darker websites.

/ October 1, 2010

UI Pattern Ideas: List with Functions

Nice article looking into how we can be more creative with Lists in Web Design.

/ October 1, 2010