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Perfect WordPress Cheat Sheet For A Developer

If you work in web development business or you are just a programmer, you know how many things you need to remember. Here comes so called cheat sheets that help you during the work process and lends you a hand...

/ January 28, 2017

25 WordPress Themes for Non-Profit Websites

If you are searching for WordPress theme for just that you came to the right place. Today, we collected perfect 25 WordPress themes for non-profit organizations.

/ January 22, 2017

Tutorial: Correctly Using Google Fonts Within WordPress

If your using the Google font library on your WordPress theme, I wanted to use this article as an opportunity to better explore how you should be including the fonts within the theme. The Google libary has so many great...

/ October 29, 2012

How To & Why Create A WordPress Child Theme

Think of a WordPress child theme, as a theme within your theme, so a parent theme containing a child theme. This child theme will inherit all the functionality of the parent theme. It sounds a little confusing, but in this...

/ October 22, 2012

Tutorial: Creating A WordPress Custom Post Type

In this WordPress tutorial I will show you how to easily add a new Custom Post Type to you site, this new WordPress post type will be called 'Portfolio' and as the name suggests will allow you to add portfolio...

/ October 18, 2012

Bold & Beautiful Business WordPress Themes

A majority of WordPress themes support custom post types which allow you to easily separate your content, for example - blogs, products, support staff ect. This flexibility provides a perfect platform for businesses to consider WordPress as a viable CMS...

/ October 1, 2012

Quality Tutorials For Creating WordPress Custom Post Types

Custom post types aren't something strictly defined. Basically it is any type of content you use in your blog. For example, WordPress comes with some default post types you're probably familiar like blog posts, pages, attachments, navigation menus and more....

/ May 17, 2012

Tutorials & Resources For Creating A WordPress Options Panel

Creating a WordPress custom admin option panel is a great way to enable your clients to easily update their site design elements and layout without changing the core code. A majority of premium WordPress themes now come loaded with many...

/ April 16, 2012

How To Create Your Own Clean And Minimal WordPress Theme

In this tutorial you can watch as I walk you through exactly how to easily build your own WordPress Theme. This is the final post in the three part WordPress tutorial series, detailing how to create your own WordPress theme....

/ February 27, 2011

Create a Clean and Minimal WordPress Theme with HTML/CSS

I am currently in the process of creating a clean and minimal WordPress theme, in my first post I provided you with a walk through on process of the design. In this post you can follow me convert the final...

/ February 16, 2011