15 Educational Websites for Taking Online Courses

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The importance of education, self-learning, and self-growth is undeniable today. The world is spinning and growing each day, therefore we are struggling not to miss out on that rushing train.

It’s great and not as difficult if you’ve just finished school and started studying at a university – you have all the time you need: to learn, to grow and to explore. But the thing is – we have a growing need to never stop learning, even if we own several companies and feel successful already.

And the struggle is real – especially with only 24 hours in a day. To help you out with your self-improvement and education, here is a list of 15 educational websites for taking online courses. Now you can learn without leaving your home or office.


Udacity is an educational platform for skill learning. It specializes in data science, data analytics, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, software engineering, and development. While choosing studying course, the student can pick between two types: Nanodegree Programs and Free Courses. It is also up for the student to decide which skill level to choose and with what kind of companies to collaborate.


Udemy is a platform that you will most likely discover first if you google online courses – it’s pretty widely known and appreciated by millions of students. The website has so many different categories like business, development, lifestyle, design, music, IT and so much more. On Udemy you can become an instructor as well.


Coursera is also a pretty well-known name. It combines courses from the worlds best educational institutions. Here you can learn from video lectures or participate in assignments and discussions. You can even join a specific specialization and after finishing your course – receive an online degree.  The most popular courses on Cousera are data science, business, computer science and social sciences.


Study offers a wide assortment of video lessons. After finishing a study course, you will take quizzes, participate in amazing projects and receive certificates. The database has more than 55k various lessons. Depending on what your purpose is, there are three different plans: Basic Edition to gain access to all the lessons, Premium Edition with practice quizzes, tools and certificates, and the College Accelerator – to earn college credit and take the exams.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has its main focus on math and helping people learn it better from the level of kindergarten to high school. Subjects include arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and much more. If you’re not interested in math, the website also offers programming, science, engineering, economics, and finance courses.


Lynda online courses are all about learning the business, creative skills and technology without leaving your home. The website offers more than 6k different lessons for previously mentioned thematics and many task and puzzles as well – to help your knowledge set in.


HOW Design University

HOW Design University is an amazing place where you can learn and raise your skill level in some many different types of design. Branding, logo design, design techniques, information design, creative development, UI and UX design and so much more. It’s a true heaven for the creative ones.

Academic Earth

Academic Earth allows you browse the courses by choosing universities, various courses, playlists and video lessons. Courses that you shall find here are very different – starting with economics and accounting and finishing with marketing and chemistry. It also has a smart filter that will help you find the right course depending on your degree, chosen category, and subject.


edX is a popular website for online learning. It unites such big-name universities like Harvard and others. By taking courses at edX, you can earn a verified certificate, professional certificate, receive academic credit and even accelerate your Master’s degree. Courses vary from music to medicine – basically everything you could search for.


Skillcrush will assist you with your digital skills. The programme includes more than 60 guides about freelancing, coding etc., more than 30 master classes from actual experts, resources like projects, mockups and tasks, design samples, job listings and amazingly useful webinars.


Alison is an incredible online learning platform with more than 10 million users and counting. The certificate course, diploma course, and learning path plans are completely free. These plans include learning record, individual courses, and course assessments. If you would like to receive a digital certificate, parchment or a framed parchment, you will have to choose a paid plan.


Tuts+ is a huge platform by Envato. It holds its main focus on coding, design, business, photography, and music. To start learning on Tuts+, you can try our the eBooks library, the video tutorials, courses and participate in unique projects. You are free to choose from more than 1k courses.

Hack Design

Hack Design is mainly for the web developers and designers – more than 200k students have already tried it out. Here you will learn how to use and control different tools, design, and its’ techniques. The creators of Hack Design promise that studying won’t be boring – it is remarkably interactive and result-oriented.


Codecademy is made for web developers, programmers and data scientists – or those who wish to become them one day. Here you are offered to learn coding languages like HTML & CSS, Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL and Bash/Shell.


Memrise is a cool website that offers several different topics like maths, art, history and much more. More to it, here you can learn English, French, Spanish and even Japanese. The learning works by a very interesting system – if you choose to learn a language, you might have to practice by chatting… with a chatbot.

Posted by Jason Bayless