15 Instagram Marketing Tools to Blow Up Your Reach

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Instagram is becoming one of the most important apps in your morning phone checking routine. Therefore, the brands are also recognizing the value of this social media platform and looking for ways to advertise there.

However, Instagram is a place different from other social media channels – it is based on people, personas, real life and so-called “influencers”. Even stars of Hollywood post moments from their casual routines, lunches etc., so it becomes a big struggle for brands to advertise in such a domestic and casual environment.

Strategy is always important in marketing, but there are also many amazing tools that can help you come up with it, get more followers, more likes and drive more engagement. These tools include scheduling, photo editing, automation and much more – check out the list I’ve composed for you above.

Follow Adder

Follow Adder is an awesome tool that helps you gain more followers faster. It is different from other apps in the market that let you buy some followers so you could seem as more worthy to follow for new people. This one helps you gain new ones that are actually real and are more likely to engage with your content. It also has features like automated scheduling and similar.



InstaQ is a great software that is capable of automating most of your usual marketing activities. First of all – it will save you plenty of time, and secondly – it will make sure that your productivity and effectiveness on Instagram is on 100%.  The tool follows and unfollows users for you, likes, comments and generates hashtags.



If you wish to be Insta-famous, one thing to always remember is to remain active and create engaging content. Getting new followers isn’t enough – you have to somehow encourage them to engage with your content. So to keep the posts popping at the right time and in a right amount, check out this very popular tool called Later – it will help you schedule your posts for Instagram.


Crowdfire is a user-friendly app and tool for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. By connecting it to your Instagram account you will be able to follow new accounts in a blink, unfollow users that don’t follow you back and much more.


A crucial thing on Instagram is the visual content that you post. It is important to ensure it catches the attention and is visually appealing. At this part, some editorial apps might come in handy. An awesome one is Afterlight – it is one of the most popular apps that offers plenty effects, filters etc.


VSCO is another well-known and widely used app for photo editing. If you’d like to spice up your feed – apps like these will come in handy. With VSCO you will gain access to many different effects like clarity, saturation, and others. The app also offers great filters and resizing options.


Sometimes it might be quite difficult to be noticed in the whole crowd on Instagram. A great idea is to browse the content that other people create and like some of their pictures to get their attention. This way they might check out your profile and engage with your content as well. To save your time, there is a free tool called Everliker that automatically likes posts that contain your chosen hashtags.


Instazood is a very handy Instagram bot that is packed with useful features. With this bot, you will be able to automatically follow and unfollow other users, comment and like their content. You can schedule your posts, sends automated directs messages and view valuable insights with this tool.


Ink361 is a tool that is user-friendly and easy to use. It helps you analyze important data – what kind of content and hashtags do your followers engage with. This will ensure you create content purposefully. The tool is also capable of managing your account, creating custom circles and monitoring your competitors.


We are lucky that the market is full of apps and tools to choose from – if neither of scheduling tools work for you, make sure you try out the Schedulegram. What’s great about it is that it’s focused on brands and is adjusting the user experience for the benefit of it. Features include web uploads, scheduled and queued posts, multiple accounts, and users.


Yotpo is a tool that can give you many insights to increase your Instagram engagement. More to it – it is also capable of driving a higher traffic to your website and individual products. The best thing about it – it can make Instagram shoppable. There are actually plenty of users who’d love to buy things or services from you, but they are forced to follow you on other social media platforms instead of Instagram, because it does not allow more than 1 link per profile.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a collaborative tool that also works for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. What it does is give you incredibly precise data analytics about user engagement, messages and competitor reports that help you make crucial strategic decisions. The tool is also very powerful on the social side: it works very hard on strengthening your relationships with the customer.


Hopper is an Instagram scheduler and you probably already know the importance of planning and consistency. More to it, the tool also supports mentions and hashtags in scheduled posts so you can cross-promote, get more engagement and reach. Many people who work with Instagram like to place the list of hashtags in the comments and that is the main reason they don’t enjoy scheduling. Different from other tools, this one lets you add the first comment to a post.

Auto Folls

Auto Folls is one of many auto-follow Instagram tools that are liked by many, but also judged by some as well. And it’s true – the reach is not as organic and natural, but for new brands and new accounts it is a great way to save time and let people know about your account. The tool can also comment and like for you.


Forestgram is a similar idea to Auto Folls – they both are capable of the following users, liking and commenting posts on your behalf. Different from the previous, this tool has more functionality: post scheduling, hashtag statistics, automatic follow back and controlling the frequency and speed.

Posted by Jason Bayless