15 Magnificient SEO Tools for Maximum Website Optimization

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Creating a website with a beautiful design is only the first step in digital marketing. To outstand your competitors and expand your reach, you need to start analyzing your data and optimizing it to its best.

Services like these can be provided to you by professional marketing agencies, but if you are a marketer yourself or if you’d like to take the challenge and do it on your own, there is a way.

All the professionals who analyze data related to SEO are using tools – to track backlinks, analyze competitors, find best keywords in the market etc. This list of 15 magnificent SEO tools includes all of them and it will guarantee the maximum optimization of your website.


SEMrush is stated to be one of the best SEO tools for professionals ever. By using it, you gain access to technical SEO audit, position tracking, backlinks audit, analytics and many other features of great importance.


Moz is a website that provides various free SEO tools like the Keyword Explorer, Open Site Explorer, On-Page Metrics, Business Listing, Research Categories and even more. If you are completely new to SEO – definitely try it out, all it will cost you is your time.


GTmetrix is an incredible tool that was used for analyzing more than 220 k millions of websites. It has quite a lot of features, but the main ones would be these: analyzing page speed and YSlow scores, recommendations, page loud specifications, waterfall, video and report history.


Ahrefs is a great tool for maximum optimization: it includes SEO optimization, SEO backlink checker, rank tracking, insightful analytics, and even a competitor research with organic search report.


BuzzSumo is probably a tool that you have heard about – it’s because it is brilliant. The tool is irreplaceable for the ability to search just any content that is perfect for boosting your websites optimization.

Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout works by analyzing your websites details, scanning it and searching for the best ways for search engine optimizations. The tool also offers valuable insights for important changes and helps you grow your traffic with ease.


Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools offers a site management dashboard for summarizing your performance. Other great features include reporting tools so you could understand what drags people to your website, diagnostic and research tools for discovering what people are searching for, and notifications to track important changes.


Linkody is capable of powerful link tracking, but it also has many other features that are worth your attention. It has a multi-user support, Disavow tool, integrated Moz data analytics, link analytics, instant link location, social shares tracking an much more.


WordStream is one of the keyword tools that are essential for optimizing your SEO. It has a simplified and organized system to help you go step-by-step to a perfect website optimization: first, you analyze, then you optimize and then – maximize your conversions.


SpyFu will work perfectly for if you are up to finding the best keywords for your branch in the market. The tool gives you important analytics by investigating the domains of your competitors: organic keywords, paid keywords, and most importantly – it explains them in detail for you, so you can decide what changes are worth to be made.


Searchmetrics is a paid tool with a pretty long free trial version that lasts up to 6 months. Just think about how many things you can do and change on your website for the better in a half of a year. Analyze the tactics of your competitors that are already successful with their SEO and outstand them.


Sitebulb is a tool for analytics and a desktop website crawler. It is able to audit websites of any size, offers data and its visualization with carts and graphs – so you can understand the data better. More to it, the tool will deliver some ready-made recommendations that you can use for identifying technical SEO problems.


Schema is the ideal tool for creating and customizing code that changes the way your search results will appear. The Schema app can be used with any kind of platform. The tool also does a great favor for its clients – it notifies them each time Google changes its recommendations. Offers a 14-day free-trial version.

SEO SiteCheckup

SEO SiteCheckup is a quick site audit tool. It instantly analyzes any SEO issues that might appear, provides professional SEO monitoring with notifications, and creates editable SEO reports for your analysis. The features also include the possibility to analyze up to 5 competitors.


WooRank is trusted for its in-depth reviews: you can generate as many as you like. These analytics will help you improve your rankings and visibility. The competitor analysis is included as well – find out what keyword do others use and which work the best.

Posted by Jason Bayless