15 Time Planning Apps That Could Change Your Life

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Time planning is crucial for efficient work and success. As you probably already noticed, you don’t become successful overnight – you have to put in a lot of work and effort to get there.

But always remember the key point in being successful – it’s not HOW MUCH you do. It’s all about focusing your energy on the most important tasks and doing quality work. Time planning and analyzing your time comes along.

Sounds tough? Not at all. There are plenty time planning apps that let you create tasks, to-do lists, track them and analyze where most of your time goes. In this list, you will find the best ones that will absolutely change the way you work and plan.


TimeTune is a special app for time optimization. You can manage your time based on personal routines that could be weekly or daily, create custom tags and even share your schedule or routine with other people. The app also offers handy reminders, events, and timers.


Toggl is an app that is very widely known and used by many freelancers, teams, and organizations. It’s liked by many because of the simplicity that it provides – you can start tracking the time you spend on a task or project by one click. More to it, it has amazing features like log time and analytics that will help you understand what takes most of your time.


An important element while planning your day is planning it wisely. To do so, you have to analyze your time. This app will help you discover on which tasks you work should more than you do, and in which ones you should invest lesser amounts of your precious time.


Workflow is both a time planning and productivity app that will help you reach the maximal results in work efficiency. The app can do many things, here are just a few of them: creating voice memos, saving them in Dropbox, “Running Late” messages that are automated, store search and much more.

135 List

135 List is an app with a very interesting concept. It suggests you follow the 1-3-5 rule that states you have to choose 1 thing that is the most important, 3 things of medium importance, and 5 things that are small tasks.

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is a “to-do” list type app for time planning and task management. It can be used for professional reasons, but it also works perfectly as a daily routine reminder. You can choose from many different ways how you want to be reminded and never forget any of your tasks again.


Wunderlist will be a wonderful assistant for planning almost everything – events, projects, movies, shopping, daily tasks, you name it. To keep you alert, the app will use its’ reminders. It is also widely accessible: you can sync it with your iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet, Windows Phone etc.


Trello can be used by one person or an entire team – go ahead and organize to the max. One of the greatest features that the app offers is the productivity platform, where you are able to integrate many other apps that are important to you and your team to work faster.


You probably heard about Timely – it is also one of the most popular time tracking and planning apps used by many. What makes it special? Well, it has a fully-automated time tracking feature, it can be used on a platform of any kind, and it helps you become the “ultimate manager” of your time.


TimeTree has an integrated calendar, an ability to share your schedules with others and comment them. Everyone can schedule their task or daily routines on the same calendar, so the app is perfect for teams and big families as well.


Todoist is a time planning app that travels with you everywhere and helps you make sure you complete your tasks on time – it’s accessible on more than 10 different platforms, including the Windows phone. It comes with a simplistic and clean design that helps you focus better.


Any.do is a to-do list app – make sure you remember each and every task you need to accomplish. With this app, it’s easy to plan and keep everything in one place – events, list, tasks etc. Compatible with Google Calendar, Exchange, iCloud and many other paltforms.


Finish is another to-do list app with amazingly handy features for your time planning and management. Be first at everything by setting a specific term for your tasks – either it’s a short period or a longer one. Finish app will keep up with your progress and track where you are with your terms and tasks – no more slacking!


2Do is a simplistic yet powerful app with advanced search, shared extensions, notification center, utility panel and much more. With 2Do, you can be quicker than ever – add multiple tasks and projects, organize by creating endless lists and be productive.


EpicWin is probably one of the most fun apps for time planning – and it is also a game. Create a to-do list, get XP points for accomplishing them, level up, improve and upgrade your character and complete loads of work at the same time.

Posted by Jason Bayless