20 Finest iOS Apps for Designers

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iTunes store has thousands of apps in it. They are made for all kind of people. Furthermore,  there you can find apps from games to those that shows your sleep quality or helps you to meditate. Because of that, you can get an app that suits your need instantly. However, some of those applications are low quality or out of date. Thus, sometimes you could need some guideline that you can find on the Google or a blog like ours.

Moreover, as our blog concentrates on the design. We felt that a list of apps that will suit an every designer is a great idea. 

Pixelmator ($0.99)

Pixelmator is a perfect tool for designers to have on their iPhone. It is powerful, full-featured, layer based image editor. Furthermore, the app allows you to enhance images, paint and sketch on them.

FontBook™ ($2.99)

This iPhone app is perfect for the people that work with typography. It has over 46 thousand typefaces from as much as 9 thousand font families. Also, it is ideal for any individual that searches for the inspiring font.

Paper by FiftyThree (Free)

If you are searching for a great sketching app, this is an excellent choice for you. It is free to download and free use. Unfortunately, for the more advanced settings and features, you will need to make an in-app purchase.

PicLab (Free)

PicLab is an ideal all-in-one photo editor. It has been downloaded over 50 million times. Also, it is free to download but with limited features for all the advanced features you will need to pay, but it is worth it.

iDesign ($7.99)

This app is a very powerful mobile, touchpad designing tool. With it, you can make quality designs, illustrations, and technical drawings. It has many ideal features for designers, and because of that, it is a worthwhile investment.

Inkflow Visual Notebook (Free)

Inkflow is a great note-taking and brainstorming app. It has amazing features that help you to capture your ideas with virtual pen and paper quickly. By the way, It has free and paid version. If you are not sure about buying it, you should still try its free version.

ArtRage for iPhone ($1.99)

ArtRage is an app where you can easily express yourself on the go. It has easy to use painting and drawing tools that feel like using the real ones. Also, it is packed with powerful physical paint simulation that you will love.

Asian Paints Colour Scheme Pro (Free)

Colour Scheme Pro is an app that is made for digital color scheme making. It will help you to create color palettes, explore different combinations. Also, it allows you to add shades onto colors that make it even more appealing.

Path on ($1.99)

Path on is an app that lets you put typography into your photos. Now you can have hundreds of words onto your photo in various of forms, orders, and shapes. It has almost 300 different fonts to choose from.

Sketchworthy ($2.99)

This is a really functional and great app. It is made beautifully and innovatively that helps you to create and manage your sketches, notes, scribbles and much more. It uses new iOS 9 technology that offers top-notch user experience for you.

Adobe Illustrator Draw (Free)

With this tool from Adobe, you can create a perfect vector artwork with images and drawing layers. One of the best things is that after you are done doing all the vectors, you can send your work directly to Adobe Illustrator CC or Photoshop CC.

Repix (Free)

Repix is a powerful photo editor, it lets you not only to edit a photo but to put effects. Thus, by using this app, your photos will not be ordinary anymore and will stand out of the crowd. It has many great features that you will find where to use.

Ikonica (Free)

Ikonica is an ideal tool for iOS app designers and developers. It allows you to test different app icon designs. Furthermore, it lets you choose the background and sizes. Because of that, you can find the best fit and get a perfect combination.

Adobe Photoshop Mix (Free)

We all know that Adobe makes one of the best tools for designers and iOS Photoshop Mix is not an exception. It will help you make quick and easy cutouts, combine and seamlessly blend pictures to create a perfect image.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch (Free)

Another great tool from Adobe, Photoshop Sketch. This app will allow you to draw with pencils, pens, markers and many other things. You will able to create a perfect artwork in it because of its various features and possibilities.

Autodesk SketchBook (Free)

AutoDesk SketchBook is an intuitive painting app. It is great for designers as well as for people that just love to sketch. Also, it is user-friendly because they kept their user interface clean and straightforward.

Tayasui Sketches (Free)

Tayasui.com aimed to make the most practical drawing tool, and they did a great job. Tayasui Sketches is a perfect drawing tool it has many features that are easy to use and feels like a real thing.

Behance (Free)

You probably had heard about Behance before. It is great designers portfolio page. In this app, you can explore millions of projects that are made by talented designers all over the world.

Hipstamatic ( $2.99)

Hipstamatic is a paid iPhone camera app that was once declared Apple’s first official app of the year. It has a lot of great features for shooting great photos. It has such features as analog control, shutter speed and more.

Computer Arts: Visualator (Free)

It is a simple app that lets you create amazing abstract imagery with only your fingertips. This app is great place to search for some inspiration because you can play with colors, shapes and form extraordinary abstract art.

Posted by Jason Bayless