25 Beautiful Stamp Designs

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For a while now I have been really tempted to get my logo monogram turned into a wooden or rubber stamp, monograms and sweet typography always looks so good when made into stamp format. Needless to say my inspiration for having my own stamp was started when browsing over some of the rubber and wooden stamp designs of Dribbble.

Tim Stamp

55 Hi’s

The Hat Shop

Jake Dugard

Artill Stamp

Azark Rubber Stamp

No 63

Limeshot Design Stamp

Pancake Movement

Ammit & Anna

RR Stamp

A Stamp

Quality Stamps

Electric Bolt

The Fun Wedding

T-Shop Stamp

Thank You Stamp

EA Ambigram Stamp

Inkefx Stamp


Frogolor Stamp

Engagement Stamp

Shipping Stamp


Ayse Designz

Posted by Jason Bayless


  1. These are great for inspiration. Thanks and keep it up ;)

  2. Cool collection of stamp designs. I created a few back in college and stopped when I finally get series with web design. Looking at these collection somehow transports me to those sweet memories in the university. Nice share!

  3. Great design …i am really inspire

  4. wow these stamp designs are so creative! its fonts and designs are totally awesome!

  5. You got some lovely stamps here. Thanks for the showcase!

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