25 Best eCommerce Focused WordPress Themes

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With unlimited options, selecting the best eCommerce WordPress theme might not be an easy task for your online store. It is important that you make the correct choice when choosing a theme so that it fits and blends perfectly with contents and features of your store, products and blog.

Setting up your WordPress eCommerce store means you should try and make use of a theme that supports all your plugins and online tools. In this article I have provided you with unique collection of some of the best WordPress eCommerce themes that you can download for your online store.


This certainly is a theme meant for your eCommerce blog or site. So if you are more dependent on using images for your online blog or site then this theme has the power to attract viewer’s attention to your blog for hours. Many bloggers and site owners prefer using this theme because it offers with quality images that are displayed every second on the top portion of your blog page. Apart from this you also have the convenience of attaching labels to the images and customizing it according to your requirements. This offers with simplicity of displaying the price tags for your eCommerce products showcased for your visitors. Many others features can be added including details and review of the items and products. So in case you are planning to set up blog for fashion items then selecting this theme might be the right option for you.

Key Theme Features

  • Multiple display images
  • Customizing features for adding details
  • Supports multiple plugins
  • Set up your cart with PayPal
  • More!


The theme is best suited for online bloggers and site owners who love simplicity. The theme provides users with plain white background, neat and clutter free looks. So if you are setting up your affiliate site or blog for multiple products and if your blog shall be added with new products very often then this is the best wordpress theme for you. Most features related to products and items can easily be displayed on the main page of the blog as it offers with options like “popular and featured products”. Best option for viewers who simply avoid wasting time browsing through different categories and pages searching for the right product. The theme also allows bloggers to add as many images as possible to the products. Many experts feel that this is the best option in case you are planning to set up site for items like cloths, shoes or other fashion accessories.

Key Theme Features

  • Multiple image display feature
  • Easy browsing features for viewers
  • Simple appearance


The perfect theme for people who like to make use of lots of graphics to their wordpress blog! Apart from this, the developers have made use of imagination which can be seen the moment the main image unfolds creating nice presentation effect for your viewers. Experts and creative professionals can add this theme to offer their blogs with very distinct looks. It is also best option for photographers and designers who want to set up their unique wordpress blog or site. Viewers can browse through items and snaps from the bottom of the page.

Key Theme Features

  • Ideal choice for photographers
  • Photo sharing features
  • Displays multiple images and products
  • Fancy looks
  • Much more!


This is considered as very much elegant theme for setting up on your apparels and fashion blogs. No matter what online site, business or blog you want to set up, this theme blends perfectly with any online business. You have an option to upload your personal images on your blogs making it very much customizing. Multiple image display option offers viewers with convenience to first browse through product category and then make the selection.

Key Theme Features

  • Can upload images
  • Supports multiple attachments for tags and description for products
  • Business theme with “Cart” option for easy purchase


It is a popular wordpress theme for people who believe in transformation during the later stages of the business. Business owners prefer this theme because of excellent support it offers with. You can make use of multiple widgets, payment gateways and other features that are unlimited and updated on regular basis.

Key Theme Features

  • Offers with features like multiple payment options, promotional offers, admin reports etc.
  • Concept very unique and new
  • Ideal for business owners


This is best option for people who want to set up their online accessory store (furniture store, shopping cart or fashion blog). You have the convenience of blending as many images as possible with your product description. Site owners can try and select multiple background colors, widgets and gallery customization features.

Key Theme Features

  • Customized control panel option
  • Multiple widgets
  • Supports photoshop files


The wordpress theme offers users with an option to make use of distinct plug-ins from wordpress and WooCommerce. This means that when using this theme you can select your personal preferences. Besides, you also have an option to make use of unlimited images to your blogs. Unlike any other theme, you can try and add mini images to the main image to unfold best features of your products.

Key Theme Features

  • Offers with convenience to select multiple plug-ins
  • Multiple image upload option
  • Can add mini images to product carts


The theme offers users with best image unfolding feature and thus is ideal for your online furniture store, electronics shop and other accessories site. The moment you look at the main page, you get the feel of exclusivity. In case you want to present products as luxury items then this is the best options for you.

Key Theme Features

  • Professional theme
  • Multiple functionality
  • Create multiple categories for your blogs


This certainly is one of the most unique themes you can make use of for your ecommerce blog. Here you always have two distinct options to select from – corporate and ecommerce version. This factor depends a lot on your preference and the type of blog you need to set up. With these two options you can try and give your blog with professional official or business look for online store. As we here in this article are more interested in ecommerce WordPress themes, so ecommerce version should be our first choice. It offers with crystal clear layout that is very much systematic. You have an option to arrange images in order with most details attached to it. So if you are planning to set up website to sell online accessories then this should be the ideal choice for you.

Key Theme Features

  • Twin versions to select from
  • Clear image display
  • Multiple categories to select from.
  • Streamlined checkout


If you are planning to set up online cooking or confectionary store then you should have a look at this theme. Large sized images are displyed. This means that you have an option to create web page that can force your visitors to stay connected for long time. There are also chances that they might be attracted to click one of the options from the main page. Apart from this you can customize it by inserting smaller images for presentations. The main page also provides with an option to make use of “add cart” button.

Key Theme Features

  • Images can be displayed in different sizes
  • Easy add cart option available
  • Ideal ecommerce web theme


This is a theme that is packed with unique features that best describes your work and blog and of course for ecommerce purposes. The theme makes use of style that is ultra modern and displays the true nature of your online work. It also offers with rich graphics and unlimited multi-media online gallery. This theme is also considered as best theme for online creative agencies. The theme is also packed with awesome tools to help customize your blog.

Key Theme Features

  • Multiple options to select from for your home page
  • Multi-media gallery powered by Ajax
  • Offers multiple elements for your blog

Trim Business

In true senses, this theme is considered as very much professional and versatile for online bloggers and site owners. It has the power to offer simplicity to your blog that is well balanced with features and crispness.

Key Theme Features

  • Refreshing appearance
  • Professional looks for eCommerce blog
  • Well adaptable design for your site
  • Flexibility and versatility


It offers users with flexibility and cool features for site owners and bloggers alike. So if you are aiming to create your online photo studio them this is the best option available for you on WordPress.

Key Theme Features

  • Wide options for customizing your blog and site
  • Users can add gallery to their home page
  • Offers with footer widget features


The theme allows users to alter the size of the web browser according to their requirements. So if you are looking forward to showcase your online work then this is an ideal option for you. Most features can be customized according to your needs. Moreover, the theme is also loaded with tons of features that can be used for creating unique online blog or site.

Key Theme Features

  • Offers with bb press plugins
  • Frame work is fabulous
  • Neat portfolio


Professionals describe this theme as best eCommerce theme that offers with unique flexibility for bloggers. If you aim to offer your blog or site with professional look that can be blended perfectly with your sites presentation then Daisho can be ideal choice to select.

Key Theme Features

  • Hassel-free navigational features
  • Flexible theme


This theme is first choice for bloggers and site owners who want to set up general online business and creative agency. Freelancers select this theme because it offers with rich business looks.

Key Theme Features

  • Supports multiple widgets and plugins
  • Simple appearance with rich features
  • Ideal theme for online portfolio sites


In true senses, this theme can be described as fully responsive and bold. It is packed with rich characters that can be blended perfectly with other features for your blog. Users can customize home page via multiple templates.

Key Theme Features

  • Attractive showcase
  • Custom widgets
  • Filterable portfolio


The theme is considered as very much powerful and unique. Apart from this, professionals like to make use of this theme as it provides them with an option to create blog using multimedia galleries. Users can add lots of versatility to their blogs and sites.

Key Theme Features

  • Versatile payout options
  • Multiple screen size for layout
  • Powerful gallery features


The theme offers users with custom portfolio feature that is excellent for your portfolio site but this theme can be used as ecommerce themes too. You can assign each feature with unique webpage making it very much user friendly. The control panel is also user friendly and can be customized according to your needs.

Key Theme Features

  • Multiple options like Sliders, galleries and widgets
  • Fully loaded portfolio
  • Configured admin panel

CStar design

Flexibility and speed are two most important features of this WordPress theme. Publishing your work is simplified, even for first time users. The theme also provides with best skin editor so you get to customize the looks of the home page. This is an ideal option for your online commerce blog or site.

Key Theme Features

  • Multiple background editor
  • All elements can be customized according to needs
  • Four custom portfolios


This theme offers with clean and ultra modern layout designs. It is also ideal choice for personal as well as business sites. It offers with well adaptable features for your ecommerce site. Users can try and resize the browser according to preference.

Key Theme Features

  • You can set design according to requirements
  • Intended theme and gallery for business blogs


Professionals describe this theme as perfect and beautiful for your corporate blogs. It offers users with desired features without any additional Jib-jabbing. Limited options make the theme very much user friendly.

Key Theme Features

  • Perfect layout options
  • Users can customize post formats
  • Ajax enhancement features


As its name, the theme provides users with an option to alter skin color. You can make use of unlimited combinations of color and patterns for your home page. The looks are also very much professional, yet simple.

Key Theme Features

  • Unlimited pattern and color options
  • Easy to use theme
  • Multiple customization options


This theme is best described as simple and sharp for online users. Unique home page options and features make this theme distinct from others. It is possible to organize the information and contents of your main page. Users can try and add multiple sliders to the pages.

Key Theme Features

  • Customized home page options
  • Unique slider features
  • Flexible and simple


This theme is considered as simple and versatile. If you are looking forward to set up your online information directory then this is best theme for you. You have an option to submit multiple listings on the main page of the site. Users can create unlimited side bars on the home page. It also allows users to make the selection from multiple fonts and sizes.

Key Theme Features

  • Best ecommerce integration
  • Clean and simple layout
  • Unlimited features for users

There are few other wordpress themes that are ideal if you are looking forward to setup your unique online blog. It is important that to make the best selection of wordpress themes for your blog or site you need to spend hours go through various options available.

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