25 Web & Mobile App Analytics Tools

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There is no doubt that the internet has conquered everything today: communication, entertainment and most importantly – business. If your business is not online, then you could say it basically doesn’t even exist.

But is that enough? Creating a website, an app, being active on social media? Absolutely not. In order to learn what’s effective and what’s not, who is your customer and how everything functions are crucial.

Thankfully we are granted with plenty of tools provided to us by the internet. The Web and mobile app analytics tools help us track our visitors, analyze their usage data and come up with valuable insights that are most likely to bring us revenue. To help you choose, here is a list of 25 web and mobile app analytics tools to help you choose the right ones for your business.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a widely known and used free web analytics tool. You can easily start using it with basically no experience as a first time user. Here are the advantages you will experience with this tool: track the most popular links on your website and see how often they were clicked, learn from what countries your target audience comes from, how much time people spend on your website and much more.


Clicky is a great, detailed real time tool for web analytics that also offers apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone users. With Clicky, feel free to filter data from segmented visitors, browse and analyze their individual data, view Heatmaps etc. You can use the main features of this tool for free or choose a premium plan for more possibilities.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a paid web analytics tool that will cost you $9-$99/month depending on the features you will choose to use. You can try the 30-day trial, but the tool is for sure worth your money – websites are very important nowadays and the opportunity to analyze the data of your visitors is valuable. Crazy Egg will provide you with scroll map tool, Heatmaps, insights for high-ROI changes etc.


Mint is a paid, self-hosted web analytics tool for only $30/year per site – a great deal for a bunch of amazing features if you ask me. The tool is very user-friendly, easy to use and understand even for the beginners. In the Mints’ dashboard, you will be able to view the most popular pages on your site, referrers, visits from the last day, week, month and year.



Optimizely is an awesome web analytics tool with some paid features that starts from $19/month and ends with $399/month, but don’t worry – there’s a free trial version you can try out. There are plenty plans for you to choose from: Web Experimentation with A/B testing, Web Personalization, Web Recommendations, Full Stack, Mobile and OTT (over-the-top TV experiences).


KISSmetrics focuses on web analytics and is pretty well known among the specialists in this field. This amazing tool will help you analyze the customer behavior, drive more engagement, increase conversions, grow retention and give you valuable insights so you can make even more changes that are crucial to your business.

Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics is a free and simple yet very useful open source tool that might bring you many advantages. It has many similarities to Google Analytics, but the main difference is that it’s an open source tool – so it can offer you more possibilities. It can be used as an application analytics tool as well.

4Q by iPerceptions

4Q is a free website survey tool that finds out the answers to “4Q” – the 4 main questions that help you understand what people are doing on your website and why: 1. Who is here? 2. Why are they here? 3. How am I doing? 4. What do I need to fix? Go ahead and find out the answers to these questions in no time.


Clicktale web analytics tool has many different features to offer: Path Analytics to see how visitors interact with your website, Enterprise Scalability for CX insights, Visualizations, Intuitive Workflows, Powerful Integrations, Session Replays, Heatmaps and even Psychological Analytics.


Piwik is another free and open source web analytics tool packed with many cool features for your advantage. You can choose either the self-hosted version and install it to your server, or try out the cloud-hosted version.


CloudFlare not only helps you analyze your website data but also protects websites, APIs and SaaS services. The tool also provides its’ customer with valuable insights that helps with identifying customers and is super easy to set up.


Chartbeats’ focus in on real-time data and real-time web analytics. Chartbeat is also available as an iOS app that will notify you with such important alerts like a server crash or similar.


GoSquared is a paid real-time web analytics tool that starts with approx $25/month. Its main goal is to measure user engagement and to alert you when any trend or traffic spikes appear. Another neat feature is the Minute-by-minute timeline. It shows you immediate blips, downtime, spikes and much more.


Flurry comes as an app for iOS and Android and is a marvelous tool for app analytics. It will track the user activity while using the app and give valuable insights, discover app issues, measure retention, analyze segmented groups, explore demographic data and so much more.

Apple Analytics

Apple Analytics is an in-app analytics tool specifically made for iOS and TvOS users. The design of the app is simplistic yet very beautiful and easy to understand. It is not free, but the pricing is included in the Developer membership fee. It has a load of effective features like App Referrer, App Store Source and much more.


Firebase is an app analytics tool created and provided to you by Google. It works for both: Android and iOS and is completely free. The difference among most of the app analytics tools is that it lets you develop your app on the Firebase platform. It also offers integration with dozens of ad networks.


Localytics is a widely customizable app analytics tool for iOS and Android. It has a very useful feature – in-app notifications. By using it, you can discover what your users actually think about your app, what they like and what they don’t.


Countly is an amazing analytics tool that can be either used for app, web or game analytics. It gives you cash reports, helps you send targeted notifications to your users, tracks mobile and web campaigns, and lets you understand who your customer actually is.


Mixpanel is an analytics tool for apps and the web that gives you the ability to use product analytics: how your users engage with your creations. The tool is very user-friendly so you don’t have to be a tech guru in order to use it and understand its most efficient features.


Appsee is an app analytics tool which provides you with Touch Heatmaps, user session recordings, immediately informs you about any crash problems and much more. The tool is easily integrable, available for both iOS and Android and you can try out a 14-day free trial in order to decide if the tool is worth your money.


Amplitude is a tool that can be used both for web and apps, also available for both operating systems: iOS and Android. With this cool tool, you can analyze retention, funnels, user flows, segmentation, behavioral cohorts, unlimited timelines and so much more.


Appfigures is an incredible app for app analytics that will bring you loads of advantage with sales analytics, usage tracking, review analytics, hourly ranks, featured reports and even the ability to compare ad revenue between all of your used ad networks.


GameAnalytics provides in-app analytics for iOS, Android, Flash, Windows, Web GL and is focused on gaming. The good news is that it’s completely free to use – no fees for measuring and controlling the player experiences.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics helps the developer understand why users come to your apps. Enjoy the powerful data, insights, smart calculated metrics, cohort analysis, flow exploration, fall out exploration and start making valuable changes for your business.


AskingPoint is a simplistic app analytics tool that also works as a review/polls system. It’s not packed with features but is super easy to use and understand while focusing on the most important analytics: devices, usage, sessions, retention, and engagement.

Posted by Jason Bayless