30 Amazing Portfolio Designs

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There are hundred of thousand programmers, designers, writers and even developers in every continent. Sometimes it is hard to compete with other professionals, especially when you are a freelancer.

But somehow you need to find a ways to attract customers. One of the way is to create a portfolio website. The key is to make the personal portfolio website as unique and eye catching as possible to make the customer find you and check your work examples.

Since there are already so many websites available for the users to surf, it is crucial to create a personal website in such a way that it stands out in the crowd and states its purpose beautifully. To achieve these ends it is not easy to come up with very different ideas but inspiration, motivation and ingenuity can lead the way to bright results with potential of infinite positive possibilities.

So, check out these inspiring examples of online design portfolios, by the best specialists and professionals around the world.

Jay Fram

Simon Foster

Gianluca Suarato

Alexander Engzell

Alex Pierce

Robby Leonard

Lizzie Seymour

Bjorn Meier

Denise Chandler

Aleks Faure

Olly Gibbs

Charlotte Tang

Ryan Scherf

Steven Bonner

Jesse Willmon

Seymour Powell

Justin Maller

Tim Smith

Drew Templeton

Eduardo Nunes

Bob Galmarini


Feven Amenu

Brian Delaney

Stefan Ivanov

Adam Mottau

Brian Nathan Hartwell

Charles-Axel Pauwels

Tim Brack

Luis Konrad

Posted by Jason Bayless