5 Reason’s to work directly from your Dropbox account

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Dropbox, the must have app for 2009! Right? Well for most of us with a brain it was and my god it’s a life saver! For anyone who hasn’t heard of Dropbox yet, in a nutshell, its a piece of software that allows you to sync your files online and across your computers automatically. Better yet, it works on Mac, PC, Linux and as from a few months back the iPhone too.

Dropbox can really be a lifesaver when working on any project and here’s 5 reasons why you should be using it too:

Share Files without a Pen Stick

As Dropbox allows you to share folders with other members, this makes a great tool for collaborating with projects. Your files instantly sync to your shared contacts folders each time a file is saved or created ensuring that everyones folders look the same. Although it’s not possible to work on the same file at the same time, it removes the need for removable storage devices to exchange files or having to email files back and forth and back and forth again, thus saving a lot of time.

Reverting back with File Revisions and Undo Deleting Files

This is a great feature and one that I imagine a lot of noobs won’t be aware of, but Dropbox stores revisions of each of your files allowing you to revert back to previous versions via the web interface of your account. This is super if you accidentally overwrite a file and perfect when working on documents or spreadsheets as an example. Extending this further, Dropbox will even allow you to restore recently deleted files meaning that your covered from all angles.

On the Fly Backing Up of Files

Similar to my previous mention of restoring old files and file revisions, Dropbox also relentlessly backs up your files on the fly. For them days when your computer decides to play blue screen you have the piece of mind knowing that should your hard drive decide to pack up on you, your files are nicely tucked away over on the Dropbox servers. What differentiates this from other backup services is that the backup itself is always running, meaning that you don’t have to wait for a specific time at which point the whole backup will begin. Yes yes I know paid for backup services will probably be a safer option, but for specific folders Dropbox is perfect.

At work, I save all my concepts I’m working on straight to Dropbox as I do any code or handy scripts / plugins / links I find allowing any of the other guys I work with to access these from their machines. Once a project is complete, I then copy the files over to the Network Shared drive which is backed up securely.

Mac, Windows, Linux and iPhone Compatible

There are a lot of programs available that only built to support one OS, say Mac or Windows for example. If your in my situation where you use a Mac at home but a PC at work then you will probably have spent hours trying to hunt down similar programs that offer the same features as the Mac does for your PC (As an example, finding a To Do List as good as Things grr). Well fortunately, Dropbox has Windows, Mac, Linux and iPhone versions of its popular software and all work together seamlessly. By the time I get home from work, my Mac is already up to date with any files I have been editing at work!

Saweeet Prices and Referrals earn you Extra Storage

Dropbox offers storage from 2GB up to a whopping 100GB depending on your account and obviously price plan you choose. For a standard FREE, yes free account, you get 2GB worth of storage and you are not limited to features, meaning you can share folders / files, revert to old files and your files are backed up. What’s even better is that if you refer your friends using your unique referral link, you can earn up to 3GB additional storage.

If you have given the free trial ago and are ready for more space then you can pay $9.99 p/m for 50GB’s worth of storage and $19.99 p/m for 100GB!


To sum things up, Dropbox just works, and works well! What other product can you say offers you storage space with on the fly backups, file / folder sharing capability as well as the option to restore deleted files for Free? Well short answer is you can’t. I find myself constantly telling people about this tool and I have my friends, my family all using it to share / send files.

I also think for any students out there, this would be invaluable! I can remember snapping numerous pen sticks when I was at Uni and losing my work, as well as misplacing them or having them pinched and this is not a very efficient method compared to Dropbox, and your files are secure!

Finally, The iPhone app which was recently released is another feature that the guys at Dropbox dropped on us and now I can access my files on the go, literally! I can even make files available offline if I want to.

What are you waiting for, get over to https://getdropbox.com and signup for your free account now and let me know what you think.

Posted by Jason Bayless


  1. Your little bit of info on reverting back using the web interface just saved my bacon! I’d been writing all day on my desktop, flicked on my laptop and clicked ‘save’ before I thought about it. A whole day’s worth of work …. shot! But, I got it back. Thanks!

  2. Of course 4 million users can be wrong! Or wrong-ish. Popularity does not equal quality, as evidenced all the time in pop culture.

    A few days ago I had a discussion with some people, sparked by my question, “Why is everyone so worshipful of Dropbox?” By and large, nobody had a great answer, but assuming I distilled their answers correctly it seems to come to a few small things, and if those things are important to you then it’s a winner. These are features mentioned in this article, such as the versioning and multi-device syncing.

    …Aaaaaand for the most part, people were also sold on their clever and friendly marketing. Marketing wins most of these wars. (See also: Apple)

    There are tonnes of tools out there that will do the same thing as Dropbox. Some might do it better for your needs. But you’d be hard-pressed to find one as simple and effective.

    Despite the Devil’s Advocate nature of the above, I think Dropbox was in fact well executed and everyone looking for something in the “online storage and syncing” sphere should at least give it a try to see if it’s for them.

  3. Hi Stu.

    I have Dropbox installed but I dont use so much and maybe its because I havent figured out how to use properly yet.

    What I am using is Sugarsync https://www.sugarsync.com/. With this program you get a lot of the same features, but with Sugarsync you can choose which folders on you computer you want it to backup automatically. And I can set it to run automatic backups on as many folders I choose to. This is what I dont like about Dropbox. Dropbox chooses one folder for you. Works also on Mac, Windows and iPhone. The iPhone app is not so strong though. You also get 2GB free account here.

    If I am missing something then please enlighten me. :-)


    1. One answer.. 4 million users can’t be wrong can they?

  4. Very interesting, thanks Stu.

    It sounds very similar to a version control system such as Subversion. At my last job we used SVN to maintain backups and revisions of our databases. I was considering doing something similar at home / work but now I might just use dropbox instead and not have to worry about managing my own repos.

    1. Yeah Dropbox does it very well and once you have it all setup you will not have to worry about backups as it’s all done for you. You can even upgrade to their Rat Pack addon which lets you have unlimited undo history too!

  5. nice post. sign me up yeah!

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