15 Habit Building and Tracking Tools That Will Boost Your Productivity

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There are these things called “habits” in our lives that either leads us to success or complete downfall. Habits can have a significant impact on our career and personal life.

Luckily these difficult habits can be built, controlled, and tracked. It might seem very difficult or even impossible, but with some hard work – everything’s possible.

To make it even easier for you, I have combined an exclusive list of tools that will help you keep on track with your habits: to get rid of the bad ones and to build the good ones.


HabitHub is a habit building app for Android. The whole idea of the app is based on Seinfeld’s productivity secret. It says that you can’t brake the chain. The tool itself helps you track and build a longer chain.

21 Habit

21 Habit is a free online tool that is based on 21-day theory. The theory itself states that you can build or forget any habit if you continue to do it for 21 days. Basically, the tool helps you create a challenge for yourself and keep on track with it.


42goals is a simplistic and free online tool for habit planning and tracking. If you’re not sure if you want to register and use it – the demo version is available as well. By using this tool, you can set your goals for the day, track them and see visualized data of your progress that you can later share with your friends.


Stickk is a special tool that was developed by the best economists of the Yale University. When you enter the website, it suddenly suggests you take ahead and commit to something right away. After setting your goal, you set the stakes and get a referee – so that the motivation to reach your goals is stronger.


Evernote is an obvious tool that simply can’t be skipped on this list. Evernote is great for many causes – for planning, for memorizing and collecting ideas. First of all – this tool is accessible everywhere, and second of all – you can memorize and keep a list of your daily habits in it.


Momentum is actually a personal dashboard for your browser. But more to it, it also offers useful reminders and suggests you set a specific task or focus for the day. This way, each time you open a new tab on your browser, you will be reminded of your main focus of the day.


Habitica is a real treat for gamers AND it also functions as a habit formation app. How awesome is that? It works as a game – you simply set a goal that you want to achieve and then you receive rewards and points for following your cause.


Habitbull is an app for tracking and forming habits that can be used both for Android and iOS. The tool offers helpful reminders, has a special community where you can find additional motivation for reaching your goals, and has amazing graphs for monitoring your success.


Chains.cc is an excellent online tool for your motivation to become the greater you. Similarly to HabitHub, it also uses the same method that motivates you not to break the chain and go further and further with it.


43things is an interesting online tool that lets you choose 43 things that you want to set as your goals. In some kind of way, it is similar to a bucket list, if you will. More to it, you can also view the most trending habits and add them to your list – who knows, you might find something great and unexpected.


Proud has this beautiful idea of investing in yourself. It’s a to-do type of app that is very easily manageable and user-friendly. It lets you plan your tasks and break them down into smaller ones so that they are easier to achieve.


Moodnotes is a tool and app not only meant for forming good habits but also for breaking the bad ones. It works by archiving and analyzing your moods to change your mindset for better after analyzing the collected data.

The Fabulous

The Fabulous is mostly focused on improving your habits that are related to your health. With this app, you can increase your energy levels, lose weight, get fit, and revive your brain and mind.

Go Fu*king Do It

Go Fu*king Do It is a strong motivational online habit formatting tool. It all starts with entering your main goal into a field that is located right in the center of the website. Afterward, you set a deadline and set a specific price that you will pay if you quit before reaching your goal.


Strides is a perfect app for tracking your goals and habits. The setup is super easy – you can either use one of the prepared templates or customize your own. The app uses SMART system for the goal tracking: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant & Timely.

Posted by Jason Bayless