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20 Must Have New Free Fonts

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Typography is one of the most important element in visual communication. It plays a major role in every kind of design starting with print, web and finishing with mobile where it provides a lot of information for the user. If you want to improve your designs you definitely want to pay some special attention to it.

Every designer has his own font collection and it’s not a secret that we – designers tend to want more and more of beautiful and nice fonts. In this post today I am sharing some really nice free fonts released in 2012 to update your typography toolbox for fresh projects in new year of 2013.

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15 Slab Serif Fonts Every Designer Should Download

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Slab Serif typefaces are easily distinguished by their bold and block structured serifs, Slab Serif fonts are not often used in body text but are perfect for use in headlines in both print and web design as their bold characteristics allow them to grab and pull the readers attention to the text.

As a designer, I think it is essential to create a well stocked library of both paid and free fonts, in today’s post I wanted to pull in a collection of both free and paid fonts that represent the thick, block like type that are slab serif fonts.

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25 Examples Of Typographic Focused Web Design

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The correct use of typography in web design plays an important role in the overall user experience, with the correct use of typography you help encourage the users reading and content discovery experience. The effective use of typography in these collected designs allows each site to have a very distinctive branding and tone, something which is not always easily achieved if your typography choice is a second thought in the design process.

In the past we have bought you some pretty awesome collections of typographic poster designs, hundreds of quality fonts to download and use in your projects, so this post serves as a great starting point to get some web typography inspiration and create something a little different in your next design.

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15 Outstanding Typographic Poster Designs

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Today I would like to share with you some of my favorite typographic poster designs that I have come across recently.

Typography use in poster and general print format has a little more flexibility in terms of type use, color and layout variation then in web design, giving the designer more flexibility to create lively and unique typography variations to convey the story of the poster design.

Take a look at these super cool typographic poster designs and see if can find a place in your office for them!

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