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Tutorial: Grabbing Popular Dribbble Shots Dynamically via jQuery

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Compared with any other design network Dribbble always seems to come out on top. The quality of submissions is beyond comprehension to most graphics designers, especially with mobile/web user interfaces. There are so many amazing shots published every day but it’s tough to keep up with the constant flow of new publications.

In this tutorial I want to demonstrate how we can build a small webapp which dynamically pulls all the most recent popular shots from Dribbble. The interface is very simple to work with and we want to create all these effects without refreshing the page. For organizing the backend data I’ll be using a custom jQuery plugin named jribbble. It suits our needs perfectly and it’s so easy to get started – even a newbie JavaScript developer could pick this up in a couple hours.

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Best Pinterest Style WordPress Themes

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Pinterest allows you to collect and share images, videos and other media content types with your follower base, many people do not know that WordPress supports many different post types, allowing WordPress users to post quotes, galleries, videos and images to their blog. Today I wanted to focus on the best WordPress themes that are built similar to Pinterest, these Pinterest themes mostly use the jQuery masonry layout and WordPress custom post types to display the content in a similar fashion to Pinterest.

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Showcase: The Parallax Scrolling Effect In Web Design

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The parallax scrolling effect is a cool illusion to add to your web design. In today’s post I have collected some great examples of websites using the scrolling parallax effect. Some websites in this post, for example Beer Camp use the parallax scrolling effect to create a completely different browsing experience for the user and others employ the effect more subtly.

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15 Thorough & New CSS3 Tutorials

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For today I have selected 15 fresh and useful CSS3 tutorials for your next project. CSS3 and HTML5 are the topics that you see and hear everyday and I think it is the right time to start diving into it. While there is no freedom in expressing our ideas in CSS3 prior to weak support in major browsers we want to be the first ones when it is fully supported right? Besides chasing the trends you will gain valuable experience in CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery which will help you to solve your problems in your projects.

In this compilation you will find only newest CSS3 tutorials on creating amazing transition effects, slideshows, navigation menus and much more.

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Unusual & Unique Examples Of Website Navigation

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Website navigation is one of the most important web usability aspects so you should take this into consideration creating clear and intuitive website navigation design. People coming to your website usually have some web experience and they expect to find simple navigation which should be clean and straightforward for user to find things he wants fast. Otherwise your visitor will get stuck and will leave your website unhappy and with bad experience of your website and possibly brand.

In this post I would like to introduce you unusual and unique examples of website navigation. Although it is really hard to use unusual navigation and achieve its main goal you definitely should give a try with your personal project, blog or portfolio in order to stand out from the crowd and give your visitors the possibility to experience the new level of navigation.

In this post you will see some original and unique navigation design ideas implemented into real websites. Creative and beautiful but is it worth that? Leave your thoughts in comments section below the post.

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