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10 Useful jQuery Plugins For Enhancing Your Website UX

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Incorporating jQuery effectively and modestly in your website build process is a great way to enhance and take your user experience to another level. Using jQuery plugins can be a great tool for helping display content to your users in a much more intuitive and interactive way. The jQuery community is fantastic, developers are consistently releasing new, quality jQuery plug-ins for us to incorporate into our websites.

In this post I will take show you a collection of jQuery plugins that are really useful for improving your overall user experience on your website.

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How To: Create a jQuery sticky sidebar

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This tutorial will show you how to implement a jQuery floating sidebar, the sidebar will slide up and down the screen respective to which way you are scrolling, this way the sidebar always sits at the top of the window.

This is a great feature to add to your site, as it allows for the sidebar content to always be in view of the user, this is great for displaying ads or additional content.

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