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15 Super Useful Mac Productivity Apps

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Computers are, without doubt, one of the greatest benefits of modern technology. Computers have forever changed the way man has worked and the Mac has been a prime choice for most people due to its functionality and ease of use. To keep up with the demands of career and modern life, below are fifteen applications meant to increase work efficiency for group projects and individual work alike.

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Useful Web Apps For Prototyping and Wireframing

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Being able to create rapid prototypes or wireframes of web and mobile apps is crucial for improving efficiency and essentially the end product. Creating wireframes or prototypes will allow you to discuss and amend various different versions of the the project in deeper details with clients, designers and developers without the need to invest hours of staff time creating endless pixel perfect mockups.

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20 Super Useful Browser Apps For Designers

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Today I would like to share with you a collection of super useful browser apps that I find very handy and use pretty often, these browser based design apps are perfect for designers or front-end developers who are are in the process of taking the design build from sketch concepts all the way through to the final coded product. I hope you find some new and useful browser apps from this collection and hopefully these will help you to speed up your work-flow from concept to delivery.

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Essential Responsive Web Design Testing Tools

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During the re-design process of DesignWoop I wanted to make it a fully responsive design (meaning it will re-size depending on the browser dimensions and orientation). I wanted to ensure the site was legible on mobiles and tablets such as the iPhone and iPad, however testing the responsive design as I was coding it was a bit of a problem. During the development process I came across a few very handy responsive design tools to help me test the sites responsiveness on different screen sizes. These responsive web design tools below allow you to test and improve your sites responsive design on various devices, screen sizes and orientations, test your site out and book these testing tools!

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Useful iPad Apps For Designers & Creatives

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The creation of the iPad made it more easy to digest content on the go without having to carry around and boot up a bulky laptop, with this also came the ability to create content on the go.

When I first got my iPad I found it overwhelming at the amount of applications available to designers and creative types, following on from last months ’10 useful web apps for designers’ I thought I would share with you a collection of iPad apps I have and of course some that are on my wish list

I have included a selection of iPad apps that will allow you to sketch, code, create beautiful CSS3 and create app and website mock ups.

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