Coffee Chat: An Interview With Designer Heidi Pungartnik

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Today we have another interview from our series “Coffee Chat”. Every month we have an interview with designers from all around the World.

If you know any designers contact with me on Twitter (@DesignWoop).

1) Tell us about yourself?

I describe myself as a “designer went entrepreneur”. I write and talk about the importance of design in business and help to bootstrap founders figure out branding, marketing, and conversions.

2) When did you start your design career and where?

I started my career when I was 16. I always wanted to draw comics and do illustrations, but I also had a ton of other interests like programming and entrepreneurship. So I basically combined them all together and started building and designing websites. Best decision ever!

3) Who inspires you to be a designer?

When I was starting out, I had a few influences around me from older friends who were also graphic and web designers. They were probably the reason I didn’t quit.

4) How does your work day look like?

I typically work in the morning, then take a 4-hour break, and then return for an evening session. This may sound like a very odd routine, but it lets me enjoy the best part of the day without guilt and take advantage of my natural energy levels.

5) What are you currently working on?

I just finished my book on design for entrepreneurs, so I’m in a more “chill” stage. Right now, I spend my days writing content and tutorials to be published over the next few months.

6) How do you manage your time?

I’ve hated Trello for the longest time until I really gave it a shot. Now I do everything in it. Every Sunday, I jump in and plan the tasks for the week. Then throughout the day, I keep moving them from “Today” into “Done” list.

I also use a very obscure app called PomoDone which connects to Trello and lets you time pomodoros and takes scheduled breaks. A prettier alternative is Pomello, but it’s available as a Chrome extension only.

7) Where are you currently based and what’s next?

I am currently in my home city Ljubljana but am going to Berlin for a while soon.
Next on my schedule is to redesign the DesignforFounders website which has become quite unattractive with all the adding and removing stuff over the years. Right now, I’m running a couple of A/B tests to help me make some of the design decisions.

8) Working in the office for a company or you’re freelancer?

I don’t actually freelance anymore. My design skills are mostly used to develop my own products (and to share the knowledge!). Right now, I work from my home office.

9) What are the tools you can’t live without?

My smartphone, headphones, trusty Moleskine knock-off, and this laptop stand. The freedom to work standing up, or from a desk, bed or couch is really underrated.

10) What is your latest project?

My book. I spent a lot of time on compiling and perfecting these 100 pages. Surprisingly, what took the most time wasn’t writing the content, but creating and inserting the 200 images.

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Posted by Jason Bayless