Coffee Chat: An Interview with Nomadic Designer Tomas Jasovsky

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1) Introduce yourself

Howdy, my name is Tomas Jasovsky.

I’m a nomadic designer, living and working from wherever the wind takes me. I’m originally from Slovakia, although for the last few years I’ve been traveling the world in search for the perfect place to live for more than just a few months. I try to enjoy life, not just work a repetitive 40 hours a week.

Coffee Chat: An Interview with Nomadic Designer Tomas Jasovsky

2) When did you start your design career?

Pretty early, actually. I started as a 3D artist back when I was 15, texturing and making concept art for games. I loved it. It was more “artsy” than what I’m doing now and didn’t bring much profit… you know how it goes. After that I spent a few years doing web design and lot of prints for totally random clients.

But it wasn’t until I dropped out of university that I found my true passion by pursuing my career as a designer in ad agency. That was the true school of my life. In just over three years of working for the biggest brands in industry I learned how to be a super complex designer, i.e. the one who can solve any kind of design problem.

Always wanting more and doing something that matters drove me away from working with ad agencies. I moved to Prague to join a startup, where I stayed for a while and fell in love with starting things up from nothing into something.

3) Who inspired you to be a designer ?

I never had like, childhood design heroes or something. I got inspired by some specific design works rather than by artists. For the last few years I’ve been a big fan of the guys at SixMoreVodkaArsThanea, and F-i. Their work is just one masterpiece after another.

4) What does your daily routine look like?

Oh, that’s a tough one. I’m still trying to find my perfect daily routine. It’s been especially difficult while traveling, switching from one timezone to another. One month in Asia, another in the Western US, then back to Europe… it gets really difficult to wake up at the same time every day, let alone work consistently.

Maybe if I try to give you a more general idea of my work flow despite the fact that my work hours are completely inconsistent: I usually wake up sometimes between 9 and 10am, have brunch with my girlfriend, then sit down to sort through daily tasks like email and planning the day ahead. If we both have work to do we’ll either stay home and work all day or find a cool cafe to work from for a few hours. On most evenings we like to go out and discover whatever nature or city that’s around us. Occasionally I’ll leave my girlfriend at home and go for a jog to clear my mind.

When look back at my answer, I can see that it’s pretty clear I have no routine at all. :)) But every day does have the same pattern: work just a few intense hours and enjoy the life around for the rest of the day.

Coffee Chat: An Interview with Nomadic Designer Tomas Jasovsky

5) What are you currently working on?

Currently I’m a remote product designer for a NYC based company called Pond5, the world’s most vibrant marketplace for creativity. They’re an awesome group of people with whom I have a lot of space to play with design and actually work on something hundreds of thousands of people use daily.

Outside of work I like to stay busy with my own stuff. You can check it out in my portfolio. Some recent examples are: Mockuuups (Photoshop & Sketch mockups for designers) and my new app FailPop, which is a humorous travel guide to help you not make a fool of yourself while visiting a new country.

Coffee Chat: An Interview with Nomadic Designer Tomas Jasovsky

6) How do you manage your time?

Poorly. The best way to know that I’m working too much during the day is when my girlfriend starts complaining that she’s bored and want to go out to do something :) That’s when I know I should take a break and go do something else.

7) Where are you currently based and what’s next?

I just spent a month in the San Francisco Bay Area. My next stop is going to be NYC for few more weeks, then back to Europe. I’m still not sure where in Europe, but I’ve been pretty excited about trying Berlin or Barcelona for a change. Luckily I’ll get to have a taste of some of that sunny Western weather I’ve been dreaming of in August when I go to Lisbon for an awesome project called TechBeach.

8) 5 tools you can’t live without?

Is a credit card a tool? :)) To be honest I’m much less of a gear guy than I look. Because of all the travel I’ve been doing I have to be able to fit all my things in one carry on suitcase. The only items I really can’t live without are my iPhone6, Macbook Air and Sony A7 camera.

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Posted by Jason Bayless