Design Inspiration: 15 Awesome Coffee Packaging Designs

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Naturally I have a keen interest in all things design, I also have a somewhat unhealthy interest in coffee – the two so often go hand in hand.

I wanted find a crossover between design and coffee and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of seriously impressive branding work carried out for independent coffee companies.

Take a look at these 15 awesome branding projects carried out within the coffee industry.


La Distributrice

The Distributrice reinvents the takeout coffee service by taking over the smallest commercial space in Montréal. Next to one of the most popular subway station, a barista serves you espresso, americano and latté directly on the street.
General Cafe

General Cafe is located in patriotic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. A city rich in historical battles throughout America’s history, General salutes the soldiers from the past and the present!
Balzac’s Coffee Roasters

This design brings the focus of Balzac’s retail packaging back to their superior product: artisanal coffee.
Sweez – Sweet & Freezing

Open a modern business, that allied gastronomy and redemption of weakened values. This is the idea behind Sweez. From decor to uniforms, everything is allusive to the nostalgic 1950’s in Sweez, name originated at the junction of two words: sweet and freezing.
Daily Press

I was asked to create an identity for Daily Press, A Brooklyn-Based coffee Company.
Quiet Folk

Logo creation and branding pitch for Quiet Folk Coffee Roasters.
JJ Royal

We proudly made ​​the brand packing JJ Royal, which produces the rarest and purest grains of Indonesia. To make this package fully focused on minimalism, resulting in a clear container, clean and modern.
Static Coffee

Identity design, custom lettering and package designs for Espresso Republic’s new Static coffee line.
Sally Mills1

The branding represents the innovative couple behind Sallymills who take traditional baking and adapt it to suit a modern culture.

Democratic Coffee

Democratic Coffee is a small, cosy café conveniently connected directly to Copenhagen’s main library.
Proper Coffee

Aiming for a design outcome that appears both ‘professional’ and ‘cool’, I opted for a black and white colour scheme with a bold and simple type based logo accompanied with a vectored coffee ring around it.
Coffee Supreme Packaging

Ninety10 Coffee Co.

Ninety10 Coffee Co. is a concept for a coffee company that wants to make a positive impact in the world.

Having spent many days drinking coffee at Geoff’s former cafe, it was only natural that we take a stab at branding his new venture, Credo Coffee. The concept was simple: a coffee shop that focuses on quality from the grower to the cup.

Posted by Jason Bayless


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  2. These collection entice coffee lover to buy.

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