Dreamstime: Your Go-To Source For Pictures, Images, and Artwork

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Dreamstime is an online stock agency with an inventory of tens of millions of images for virtually any project or need. Images are available royalty free and there is a multitude of price plans that will fit almost any budget.

If you’re a designer creating a website, an author looking for a book cover, or a business person trying to create a professional presentation, you will find images that will fit into whatever you’re working on. Even for graphic designers with difficult deadlines, there are background images that will provide a starting point for a particular scene.

The Dreamstime model provides an economical means for obtaining visual art and photography. The contributors who provide the images are freelance photographers and artists who upload images into their portfolios and making them available for purchase. Except for newsworthy and editorial type images, pictures with people will have signed model releases making the pictures usable for commercial purposes. But it’s not only a place for photography. Video files are also available for purchase. This makes Dreamstime a unique resource for all types of media. Instead of shopping around for various media, it can simplify your search for presentation material. Why search through multiple locations when you can find everything in one place?

There are a number of pricing plans to choose from, and they are all a bargain. When you think of terms of having to purchase your own camera and software, hiring models, finding a venue to photograph in, and so on, it becomes an easy decision to purchase your visual needs. The images are ready to go and you can wrap up your projects after a few seconds of downloading.

Dreamstime images are individually inspected and reviewed by staff who verify the quality of an image. When you purchase an image from Dreamstime, you can expect it to be free from noise and graininess, dust and specks, and other defects and distortions. All images are required to meet minimum thresholds for quality so you can expect an image to work on your project right out of the box. The website is constantly being updated to assist the buyer for searching for media material. A search engine has been created and designed to search through files based on the keywords entered. The search tools include options to change how the images are sorted. These search tools make it easy to find a way through the millions of images and files in order to pick the images that will be perfect for your project.

Still not convinced? Dreamstime guarantees your shopping experience and will refund your purchase if the images and files you purchase if they will somehow not fit into your project. Sometimes technical reasons come up such as a size issue or perhaps the direction of your project may change. The refund policy provides confidence that you can obtain what you need regardless of your situation as a project evolves.

When you add it all up, Dreamstime is your go-to source for images, photography, and artwork in addition to video. The time and cost for producing images on your own can be staggering. Thanks to the business model of selling images online to multiple buyers, the cost is spread out among the buyers and contributors can earn a fair return on their time and expense by selling images more than once. It becomes a win-win for everyone involved, and you, the buyer, can create a visual project that stands out.

Posted by Jason Bayless