[Closed] Dribbble Invite Give Away

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It has been a while since I have had a Dribbble invite, well finally now I have just one to give away!


If you have not heard about dribbble, yup that is three b’s, it is a “show and tell for creatives. Designers, developers and other creatives share shots—small screenshots of the designs and applications they are working on.”

Take a look at their FAQ page if you would like to find out more.

How to Enter For The Dribbble Invite

If you would like to enter this dribbble invite giveaway simply do two things:

1) Re-Tweet this post and mention @designwoop. Use this link, its all done for you – Tweet

2) Drop a comment on this post with your twitter id and portfolio/website.

You need to do both of these to be entered.

The Winner

The winner will be announced on 1st April 2011 and it would be great to have you do an interview with DesignWoop.com

Posted by Jason Bayless


  1. Portfolio:

    Flickr shots 400×300:

    Twitter: growcase

    Thanks for the opportunity. Missed a Dribbble invite today by someone who nicked it 1 minute before me, so would really like one :)

  2. Would lave an invite :)

    Twitter: terrycreative
    Portfolio: tfklabs.com

  3. I would love to be drafted!

    Portfolio: http://designbyjessica.com

    Twitter: jesliv

  4. Just posted some new material on my portfolio site, so I thought I’d shoot out an update (www.secondstorydesign.net). Some additional things that may be of interest below…thanks so much once again for the opportunity!


  5. Wishing everyone luck : )

    Twitter: @erinolan
    Portfolio: http://www.behance.net/erinolan

  6. Would be nice to get drafted to Dribbble!
    My Twitter: @gregmadej
    Portfolio: http://gregmadej.com
    Flash samples http://gregmadej.com/flash.html


  7. Hello. My name is Igor. I’m trying to help others get dribbble invites at 400×300.com. But unfortunately, I haven’t dribbble invintation yet.

    My twitter is igor_sidorenko

  8. I would really appreciate that invite!

    My name is @voidstern on twitter and you can find some of the things I’ve done at http://emberapp.com/voidstern/ (which I’ve been just a lot like I would use dribbble) or on my website http://voidstern.net

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  9. Awesome of you to put your invite up for a contest!

    You can find me as @cliffpro on Twitter. I’m currently updating my portfolio on my website, but my most recent works can be publicly seen here: http://forrst.cliffpro.com/_/posts

    Let me know what you think of my work either way, as feedback will help me grow as a designer. Thanks!

  10. I’m an italian logo designer: I’ve done logos for exibithions, shops and so on!
    You can see some of my clients logos here: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Logo-Design/1143007
    You can also see my personal website 4th version (in construction) here, to take a look at some branding I’ve done: http://dariocalonaci.ueuo.com/?p=6

  11. Hi. my Twitter id is @Tbakdesigns & The link to my website is http://www.tbakdesigns.com. Would love to have an invite.

  12. thedesigndictatorship.com

  13. Hello!

    I’d love the opportunity to get in the mixer with all the talent dribble has to offer and show off some of my upcoming work, check out my site http://www.joefurr.co.uk



  14. Hello, again! Just making sure you haven’t forgotten about me.

    Twitter: @samations

    Portfolio/Website: http://cargocollective.com/samations

    Facebook Business Page: http://www.facebook.com/samations

    Thanks for the opportunity. :]

  15. I’d surely love that invite! My portfolio can be seen here: http://www.chanellehenry.com.

    [fingers crossed]

  16. Received an invite, thanks for the consideration though!

  17. @beaver82minimit

    Thanks for the opportunity

  18. Would love to take part in bouncing ideas off other great designers and contribute to a community of folks doing what I’m doing. Thanks for the opportunity!


    also designed this new app and designed/developed the site –> http://www.meridian-apps.com

  19. Just to update, i have just got an invite from Prathyush Pramod of IconSutra.

    So i am out of this contest :) thanks for everything.


  20. i’d love to get an invite. My company is doing mobile development and I am doing design for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, WP7 apps


    Dribbble Profile:

  21. Hey there, I`m so thrilled, I wanted this so much.

    twitter @G_Espinha
    web: http://gespinha.com

    Thanks ;)

  22. I’d love an invite. Thank you for sharing it. :)

    Twitter: @adamfairhead (@fairheadc is my design handle though)
    Website: http://fairheadcreative.com

    I’ve signed up as a prospect here: http://dribbble.com/adamfairhead

  23. Would like to get it.

    twitter @hubeRsen
    web http://hubersen.ch


  24. sorry forgot to add my twitter id



  25. @ David for your ease to view my folio I have added Keyboard Navigation, Use UP/ Down Arrow keys to navigate between projects and Left/Right Arrow Keys to navigate Between Project-Snapshots.


  26. My hairs turned white
    pixels are no more sharp
    i might b loosing my sight
    Dan said you will get one soon
    praying to god, O David
    please send me a dribbble invite

    Please review my folio http://www.work.avadh.me

    Please send me this one, i am waiting for this since ages, no i am serious.

    Thanks so much for your consideration

  27. Would love an invite!

    Twitter: Ol_Jibbs

    Portfolio: http://www.behance.net/jonathankalbaugh

  28. Thanks,

    Twitter: Jurastapark

  29. Thanks for this!

    My Twitter Handle: @HiteshMehta

    Dribbble Prospect: http://dribbble.com/hiteshmehta

    Portfolio (Work In Progress): http://www.flickr.com/photos/95571752@N00/sets/72057594107797599/

    Professional profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/hiteshmehta

  30. My Twitter id is troybrennan. Here is my porfolio. Hope you like.


  31. Twitter : @10tribu

    Dribbble Prospect : http://dribbble.com/10tribu

    Portfolio (Css3) : http://t.co/cHcXej7

    Thanks Chris

  32. Twitter: @wishpipe
    Website: http://www.wishpipe.com
    Dribbble Prospect Account: http://dribbble.com/wishpipe


  33. I need it to get better feedback on my logos!
    I’m an italian logo deisnger, you can check my portfolios here:

  34. @camelon_

    This would be really welcome!

    Thanks in advance!

  35. Wow – What a oportunity! :)


  36. Hello there awesome people at desginwoop.
    I’m A.Mircea and this is me sweet talking my way through convincing you you should draft me. :D
    I started following you on twitter and dribbble, liked you on facebook, bookmarked your site… and not just because you give this dribbble invite but also because you write cool articles which I’ll definitely take my time with (ex: the Smooth Page Scrolling article is perfect for a project I’m working on now).

    So… My twitter is @AMircea
    My Portfolio site is http://www.amircea.com (I’m currently redesigning it so it is soon to be changed, hopefully before 1st of April).
    And this is me trying to convince the dribbble community I will bring awesomeness to the table: http://amircea.com/Invite-ME-Dribbble-please-please-please.html

    And also because the end date is about 2 weeks away and it gives me enough time, I’ll even throw something funky in the game to improve my chances. So stay tunned and don’t forget… pick me pick me! :)

  37. Twitter: kubec79
    @portfolio atm working on my own not ready yet ;]
    Thanks for chance ;]

  38. Draft me!

    Twitter: @TheSkinnyD

    Web: http://be.net/skinnyd/frame

  39. Twitter : @alexandredes
    Portfolio : http://alexandredeschamps.ca/


  40. I love following what folks are up to on Dribbble, would love even more to be able to comment on images and post my own work.

    Website: http://www.sydneynogle.com
    Twitter: @Syds
    Dribbble Prospect Account: http://dribbble.com/Syds


  41. Twitter id.asimplenation
    I’ve been dying.to check out their services

  42. Hi! I’d love to add to the community and share my work : )

    Web/Portfolio: http://jenius.me
    Forrst/Work in Development: forrst.me/jenius/posts
    Latest Piece Finished: http://bit.ly/gTsN2J (ssh, keep it secret! It’s for a job app. Make sure to click the ‘UX Books’ link for a surprise)

    ~ Jeff

  43. ooo, ooo! pick me, pick me!


  44. Would love to have an invite!

    Twitter: @robstroom

    Portfolio: http://www.fridaymedia.nl


  45. Great challenge!

    Check out my portfolio: http://www.generalgfx.nl/portfolio
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/GeneralGFX


  46. Twitter: @netxm
    Portfolio: newdynamicmedia.com/portfolio


  47. Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

    Twitter username: @samations

    Portfolio: http://samations.posterous.com/pages/portfolio

    Check out my Facebook Business Page to see my current work!

    Once again, thanks for your kindness!

  48. Twitter: @shaymein
    Web: http://shaymeinewer.com

    Thanks for the chance!

  49. Looking for some feedback on my designs. Dribbble would be perfect!

    Twitter: @cholson
    Portfolio: http://chrisolson.net/portfolio/

  50. Thanks David, here is Twitter @hectorjarquin ( http://twitter.com/hectorjarquin ) and work http://gethector.com/about/

  51. Been trying to get an invite for over a year now. Here is my portfolio website http://fakingfantastic.tumblr.com


  52. Would love to have a dribble @runtimeworld

  53. Allisson Souza 2011-03-11 at 21:33

    Twitter: @allissonsouza
    Portfolio: http://www.behance.net/allissonsouza

  54. uh, thank you for this opportunity,

    Twitter: idollobi
    portfolio: http://www.idollobi.com


  55. been wanting an invite for a while!


  56. Would love to get one… Yes. I would. My twitter ID is li0nel.

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