Essential WordPress Backup Plugins And Resources

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WordPress is used by many to power their websites, it makes it easy for anyone to update, manage and create highly scalable content rich websites. It is important to understand that for all the time and money you invest in your WordPress site you should also take a keen interest in the tools needed to appropriately back your WordPress site up, optimize its database and keep it running. This ensures that daily backups are available, should you need to restore your website and your WordPress install runs fast and is optimized correctly.

WordPress Backup Plugins

These WordPress plugins make it easy to create scheduled backups of your WordPress website, you can manage the backup time, location, select which files to backup and importantly they allow you to restore files easily.


This plugin will do a backup of your WordPress database and, or your files in wp-content/uploads and saves it somewhere safe.

Backup Scheduler

Essential WordPress Backup Plugins And Resources

With this plugin, you can plan how to backup of your entire websites folders, files and database – compatible with Multisite installation (WordPress MU).


Essential WordPress Backup Plugins And Resources

Pressbackup is the easiest plugin available for backing up your wordpress site automatically.


Essential WordPress Backup Plugins And Resources

UpdraftPlus simplifies backups (and restoration) for your blog. Backup into the cloud (S3, Google Drive, FTP, and email) and restore with a single click. Backups of files and database can be upon separate schedules.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

Essential WordPress Backup Plugins And Resources

Keep your valuable WordPress website, its media and database backed up to Dropbox in minutes with this sleek, easy to use plugin. Just choose a day, time and how often you wish yor backup to be performed and kick back and wait for your websites files and a SQL dump of its database to be dropped in your Dropbox!

Code Guard

Essential WordPress Backup Plugins And Resources

CodeGuard protects your blog with daily automatic backup and monitoring. Automatically fix mistakes or problems with one click undo power.


Essential WordPress Backup Plugins And Resources

Now WordPress (or any dynamic Website, for that matter) can seamlessly get all the benefits of cloud storage – high availability, high reliability, quick and easy disaster recovery, and serving content in a highly scalable fashion. WP2Cloud plugin is designed to complete the migration of a WordPress site to Amazon S3.

Backup WordPress

Essential WordPress Backup Plugins And Resources

BackUpWordPress will back up your entire site including your database and all your files once every day.

WordPress Database Plugins

I have also included a selection of WordPress database plugins that will allow you to backup your WordPress database, crucially some of these WordPress plugins make it easy to repair and optimize your database also.


WP-DB-Backup allows you easily to backup your core WordPress database tables. You may also backup other tables in the same database.


Essential WordPress Backup Plugins And Resources

Allows you to optimize database, repair database, backup database, restore database, delete backup database , drop/empty tables and run selected queries. Supports automatic scheduling of backing up, optimizing and repairing of database.

WordPress Database Reset

Essential WordPress Backup Plugins And Resources

This plugin will come in handy for both theme and plugin developers. There are different use case scenarios – one of which is being able to easily erase excess junk in the wp_options table that accumulates over time. Another would be to simply obtain a fresh install of the WordPress database after experimenting with various back-end options.

WP Database Optimizer

Essential WordPress Backup Plugins And Resources

This plugin allows for automated scheduled database optimization. The user can specify (in days) how long in between automated optimizations.

Useful WordPress Maintenance & Backup Resources

I also highly recommend reading over the WordPress codex, this contains valuable information on high to do manual backups and restores and advises you on the best approaches to created automatic backups.

WordPress Backups – Detailed documentation on backing up every file, page, post, on your site.

Backing Up Your Database – Highly extensive documentation covering every aspect of how to backup your WordPress database.

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