9 Funny Lorem Ipsum Generators

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Often when creating initial design prototypes I use dummy placeholder text to represent where real website text will be placed. Using filler content text allows me to rapidly prototype a design idea and tweak typography settings.

When I look to generate some dummy place holder text, I usually simply go to the standard Lorem Ipsum text generator website, however this outputs some pretty dull stuff. Lorem ipsum text does not need to be dull, there are many quirky and pretty funny lorem ipsum style text generators.

Today I wanted to share with you a collection of funny lorem ipsum generators that can help add a little hilarity to your design prototypes, try it in your next design and see who picks up it.

PickSum Ipsum

Funny Lorem Ipsum Generators

If your a movie buff, this Lorem Ipsum generator is for you. Choose one of your favourite Hollywood legends and your generated text will contain some of their best lines.

Sample: “Hey, maybe i will give you a call sometime. your number still 911? alrighty then”.

Hipster Ipsum

Funny Lorem Ipsum Generators

Hipsteripsum is another hilariously funny Lorem Ipsum generator, though surely not as cool as it begins to sell out being included in features like this.

Sample: CPBR Cosby sweater umami, blog gentrify biodiesel 90’s occupy 3 wolf moon DIY Bushwick bicycle rights farm-to-table helvetica fap.

Vatican Assass

Funny Lorem Ipsum Generators

A comedy parody, or as advertised – Lorem Ipsum as the good Lord aka Charlie Sheen intended.

Sample: And one of those stupid mottoes, Alex, is ‘Don’t be special. Be one of us.’
News flash! I am special, and I’ll never be one of you! … There it is.

Pommy Ipsum

Funny Lorem Ipsum Generators

Certainly not created by the folk in the Royal Borough of Chelsea, London. This generator creates a mixture of British slang lorem ipsum for you to make use of. Take care not to use this on a live production environment.

Sample: Pommy ipsum on the pull could be a bit of a git on the pull it’s me peepers penny-dreadful at the boozer, naff Kate and Will in a pickle well fit bit of a div.

Cheese Ipsum

Funny Lorem Ipsum Generators

Cheese Ipsum is by far the most cheesy lorem ipsum generator I have come across, what more can I say. See the sample:

Sample: love cheese, especially stilton st. agur blue cheese. Emmental mozzarella everyone loves swiss cheesy grin squirty cheese cheeseburger the big cheese.

Veggie Ipsum

Funny Lorem Ipsum Generators

The Veggie Ipsum is a great tool for vegetarians, vegans and maybe at a stretch even a pescetarian. Note: I have separated this lorem ipsum generator from its cousin the meat version – Bacon Ipsum.

Sample: Veggies sunt bona vobis, proinde vos postulo esse magis potato asparagus bush tomato mustard napa cabbage courgette quandong soybean.


Funny Lorem Ipsum Generators

Twipsum does actually give you real text, written by real people sourced from Twitter. I know what your thinking and yes, you can filter out the inappropriate words.

Sample: Cheese graters are the epitome of middle-class problem-solving. “I have this cheese, but a knife just doesn’t quite cut it fine enough…”.

Bacon Ipsum

Funny Lorem Ipsum Generators

A slightly meatier alternative for your lorem ipsum dummy text, surly guaranteed to increase your cholesterol levels just from reading it.

Sample: Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet beef short ribs shank leberkas hamburger. Biltong t-bone rump pork belly, capicola cow kielbasa sirloin flank pork loin.

Obama Ipsum

Funny Lorem Ipsum Generators

The “Yes We Can” lorem ipsum generator that provides you with presidential class lorem dummy text.

Sample: And in all these ways, they helped make this country more decent and more just.

Posted by Jason Bayless


  1. Nice collection! Have you come across the Samuel L Ipsum Generator? That is hilarious and has safety modes http://slipsum.com/ plus try our very own Geordie Lipsum Generator here- http://www.silverbean.com/geordie-lipsum

  2. Cant really beat this one…I got creed lyrics.

  3. Just came across this fab post, thanks so much for featuring the Cheese Ipsum that my lovely team created! :)

  4. Hipster Ipsum – love it!Some of these are great =)

  5. Great collection. Here is another one (my faborite) : http://www.slipsum.com

  6. Yeah, honestly speaking these dummy text generators are really funny and I had a great time browsing them. Thanks for the share.

  7. You forgot billymadipsum!

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