10 New Ghost Themes

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Ghost.org is a new blogging platform, inspired by WordPress designed solely for one thing, writing and publishing your own blog. Ghost is still a very new platform yet already theme authors have begun creating some pretty nice Ghost themes.

As Ghost is still in it’s infancy I expect the theme market place to grow exponentially, today I wanted to bring you a collection of Ghost themes that you can use on your installation.

As the Ghost platform grows and the theme market place expands I will add new themes here as they are published, if you have created a Ghost theme and want it listed, drop me a comment and I will add it in.











Posted by Jason Bayless


  1. Confused. How is Ghost a WordPress blogging platform? I don’t see any affiliation between Ghost and WordPress. Or are you just keyword stuffing your post? Don’t get it.

    1. It would read better and avoid the confusion if it said ‘Ghost is a blogging platform, inspired by WordPress’. There is not any affiliation between the two.

      I will amend the intro paragraph to reflect this. Full details are on ghost.org if you want to find out more about it.

  2. … and if you are looking for a blank theme to design your own theme from scratch, “Ghost Blank” is a nice starting point. Check it out: https://github.com/zitrusfrisch/Ghost-Blank/

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