Minimalist Sites Of The Week – Feb 6th

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The minimalist web design series is a weekly showcase of minimal web designs bought to you by Design Woop, I will be showcasing a new minimalist collection of web designs that I find on my travels around the web on a weekly basis.

If you would like to have your site featured, or know of a worthy site that needs a mention, drop me a message on Twitter @designwoop.






Maros Holly


Tobias Ahlin


Binary Bonsai

Drop me a message on Twitter @designwoop or leave a comment to suggest a site for next week.

Posted by Jason Bayless


  1. By the way … found your site searching Google for: “sticky box after scroll” you came 5th and I’ll try to use yours on a project I’m developing! :) Appreciate the tutorial you took the time to make!

    1. No worries Afonso! All the best for your project!

  2. Loved your selecion of minimalist sites … I’m also a lover of this kind of sites!

    Tried to make mine minimalist too … not sure if it has a place on your selection but would love to hear your opinion about it!


  3. I love minimalism, great selection. Most of all liked Tokyoid and Am-Tokyo
    thank you

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