12 Pixel Perfect Retina WordPress Themes

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Today I wanted to create a post where I could collect retina WordPress themes, currently retina themes are a little sparse so as the year goes on I will add more to this collection as I find them or as I get notified of new releases.

What Is A Retina Device

The term retina device or retina screen is simply referring to a super high screen resolution, the high resolution makes the human eye unable to distinguish between individual pixels that would make up a graphic or typographical element.

When creating a retina ready website, you can use resources such as CSS3 and jQuery to serve high-resolution images to users who are browsing your site on a retina device. This provides the end user with an incredibly crisp and sharp experience when viewing your images and typography.

Retina WordPress Themes

Retina WordPress themes are not overly common currently, though gradually we can see WordPress theme authors and theme shops starting to add retina support to their latest theme releases.

Currently (as of the time of posting) there are a handful of quality retina ready and responsive WordPress themes, I am sure as we go through 2013 and onwards we will see retina based WordPress themes become the standard, so I’ll update the list as new retina/high resolution themes are released.


Retina WordPress Themes


Retina WordPress Themes


Retina WordPress Themes


Retina WordPress Themes


Retina WordPress Themes


Retina WordPress Themes


Retina WordPress Themes


Retina WordPress Themes


Retina WordPress Themes


Retina WordPress Themes


Retina WordPress Themes


Make Your WordPress Theme Retina Ready

When I first got my retina MBP, I wanted to research and add support for retina images within a couple of my own WordPress themes. I wrote a post detailing the steps you could take to make your WordPress theme retina enabled: A Guide To Retina Graphics For Your WordPress Theme.

Posted by Jason Bayless


  1. Awesome Collection. This article provides an overview of the powerful WordPress Themes. Very useful for Web Designers.

  2. Great Post! I would love to see more and more.

    FYI: Galao isn’t a retina supported website. I checked 2 times ;)

    1. Hey Daniel, Galao is retina for me(mbp retina). Looks crisp & sharp.

      I’ll add more retina themes as they are released.

      Thanks. :)

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