Need Slick Small Business Web Design Inspiration? Try These 14 Examples

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Looking to build a robust online presence but worried your small business web design skills aren’t up to scratch?

Consider that it takes 51% of people over 40 hours to build a professional website. Knowing this, it’s wise to know how you want your final business website design to look in advance.

You don’t want to waste precious time and money.

With such incredible web design popping up in recent years, you can look to other small business web designs to get a feel for what’s hot and what’s not.

Update your outdated, stuffy design with these 14 examples of sophisticated small business web design inspiration.

What’s Trending in Small Business Web Design?

Just like all fashions, small business web design carries different trends depending on customer preferences.

Currently, small business web design trends focus on personalizing user experience and UX design. Consider that 90% of buyers leave websites because they’re badly designed. This shows how important a smooth user experience is.

By tailoring products and educating your potential customer, you can collect data to work out which web design elements convert.

Popular small business web design trends right now include:

  • Lead capture landing pages and delayed pop-ups
  • Personalized sales interfaces
  • Educational content
  • Interactive web design to engage visitors
  • Human faces to encourage emotional connection
  • Animated graphic and navigational elements
  • Illustrations and hand-drawn digital design.

Remember that website maintenance keeps your new website fresh. 30% of web designers update their clients’ websites monthly, so you should consider doing the same or hiring a web designer.

Keep up-to-date with website design tools and trends so you keep your branding relevant.

All platforms, including your website and social media, should have coherent messaging and branding.

Check out Robin Golf’s homepage, for example.

golf club web design


(Image Source)

The golf club brand’s homepage works as a simple landing page with a full-width page image.

The human faces add emotional connection, while showing the product in action. The diversity of the models and the positive energy from the photo express the brand’s voice.

Images of human faces work well, garnering twice as much engagement as posts without faces.

Note the strong Unique Value Proposition (UVP) that explains exactly what the company does.

A simple call-to-action (CTA) button invites visitors to shop.

The bold, eye-catching web page shows the brand’s personality while funneling visitors toward conversion.

Get inspired by these 14 beautiful small business web design examples

Don’t neglect your business website design; it’s your best first impression.

Instead, craft a sleek website experience to build your online brand and foster customer trust.

Check out these 14 examples of small business web design to find inspiration to spice up your new website.

Small Business Web Design Example #1: Unspun

Check out this striking homepage by Unspun.

(Image Source)

The denim brand offers a bold UVP on a minimalist colorful background.

The model offers a humanizing image, while the smart branding shows the company’s style immediately.

Personalized CTAs work 202% better than generic CTAs. Notice how Unspun invites visitors to book an appointment for a personalized service.

Also, the minimalist menu features smooth animated transitions, adding to the overall professional feel.

(Image Source)

When visitors head to the product pages, they can enjoy slick customizable features to see tailored denim styles.

Since 91% of buyers are more likely to shop with brands who offer personalized service, consider providing customizable web elements.

Small Business Web Design Example #2: Nova Smart Home

Nova Smart Home’s custom website is a killer example of interactive web design.

(Image Source)

The smart electrical company impresses visitors with an immersive web experience.

The interactive website invites visitors to click on rooms to explore relevant products in action.

This engages the user and involves them in the buying experience. Fostering interactive communication with your web visitors will nurture your relationship and encourage conversion.

(Image Source)

The smart electricals brand personalizes the experience by recommending products.

Educational content teaches web visitors about how to get the best from each product.

Notice how the simple sans serif font enables the use of whitespace to enhance clarity.

Small Business Web Design Example #3: Bite

Look at this website by toothpaste brand, Bite.

(Image Source)

The 3D graphics are very visually pleasing and show a realistic concept of the products.

The catchy UVP shows brand value, while the pop-up collects data with a giveaway.

Notice the media bar. These media logos act as a testimonial to the product. Since testimonials push conversions by 34%, you should consider adding social proof to your homepage.

Small Business Web Design Example #4: Helias

Natural cosmetic label brand, Helias, shows how beautiful simple animation can be.

(Image Source)

Note how the colored animated background floats behind the products. This accentuates the high-quality product images without overpowering your senses.

The scrolling menu of products provides a quick education into their uses. Not only is the scroll mechanism smartly animated, it shows the whole line quickly,

Notice the delayed pop-up. Pop-up offers are most effective when delayed, so trigger them to launch a few minutes after the visitor arrives.

Educational content on business website

(Image Source)

Like the 36% of web design teams who are looking to use more educational content, Helias uses its website content to teach visitors about the products.

The library makes it easier to navigate through website content to find relevant products; great UX design.

Small Business Web Design Example #5: Welly

Check out this fun animation by first aid brand, Welly

(Image Source)

Welly uses an animated landing page video to capture attention. Less than 10 seconds, the video provides a snapshot into what the first aid brand does.

The captivating UVP states that the company offers ‘First Aid for when the fun wins’, giving a friendly, approachable vibe.

(Image Source)

The brand voice connects emotionally using colloquial language.

Notice how the minimalism and use of whitespace design highlight the funky product design.

(Image Source)

The interactive scroll function offers an immersive web experience. As visitors scroll down, the flawless parallax scrolling unpacks the box to show and explain the contents.

This is sleek and highly engaging.

Small Business Web Design Example #6: MA True Cannabis

Feast your eyes in this striking business website design:

(Image Source)

MA True Cannabis uses bright colors and floating animated 3D graphic design to draw the eye.

Visitors can scroll sideways to explore products, organized by the problems they solve, click to discover products, and personalize the experience to your needs.

(Image Source)

Sleek transitions take viewers to product pages that educate users on the effects of each product, such as better sleep or improved circulation.

The floating animations keep user attention, complementing the content with engaging web design.

Small Business Web Design Example #7: Sea Harvest

Are you a fan of retro web design? Check this:

(Image Source)

Sea Harvest draws on nostalgia with this newspaper website design.

The retro feel combines a marketplace vibe with an online community, giving this fish market online and offline presence,

The graphic design lights up when users hover over the illustrated images, drawing attention to the graphic design elements.

The homepage gives clear signposts to products, offers, and contact information.

Small Business Web Design Example #8: My 360 Mirror

If you’re looking for chic small business web design, this custom website has it all. 

(Image Source)

My 360 Mirror has a very simple yet sophisticated small business website.

Using monochrome palettes for a chic aesthetic, the low lighting highlights the high-quality product image.

Visitors can drag the interactive scroll slider to rotate the mirror to see it from all angles. The animation opens the mirror to show how it functions.

Visitors are led to one CTA on a pop-up to “Order Now”. This gives clear direction to the sales funnel.

Small Business Web Design Example #9: This is Sleep

Give your users the feeling of freshness with white backgrounds, like this:

(Image Source)

This is Sleep is a luxury bedding brand. Visitors immediately feel like they’re rolling in fresh white sheets with this striking use of whitespace design,

The bedding company opens the relationship with a calming background landing page video. This is complemented with an engaging caption and a CTA to personalize the experience.

(Image Source)

Look at the comprehensive FAQ. This section educates visitors to improve the user experience by teaching them about the sales process.

Small Business Web Design Example #10: Cowboy

Bold statements draw attention, as you can see on this small business web page:

(Image Source)

Bike brand, Cowboy, starts out bold with good whitespace web design, high-quality product images, and a strong UVP.

The call-to-action buttons are immediately clear, with the ‘Buy Now’ button highlighted for greatest effect.

Notice the geotagging at the top of the page. Since 46% of Google searches are for local businesses, you should prioritize your top locations.

See how Cowboy uses reviews and ratings as social proof.

The free delivery and premium returns policy are shown above the belt to push unsure buyers into a quick sale.

Small Business Web Design Example #11: The Cool Club

Using interactive design draws users in, as you can see here:

(Image Source)

The Cool Club sells art and games.

To suck in buyers from the outset, The Cool Club uses an interactive design element. Visitors can shake the deck so cards fall out.

This is engaging and playful, showing the brand’s personality.

(Image Source)

The products are ordered in a visually striking way, aligned for aesthetic pleasure.

The grid gallery scrolls through categories vertically, but you can explore each category by scrolling horizontally.

This design technique breaks up the texture of the user experience.

Pop-up product pages enable buyers to customize size and printing options.

Small Business Web Design Example #12: Yolele

Contrasting color with whitespace catches the eyes, as this food company shows:

(Image Source)

Yolele uses bright block colors against a white background to immediately highlight its products.

The high-quality product images give the impression of a premium product range.

The wheel speeds, engaging its target audience in an interactive product catalog.

The minimal layout complements the UVP.

(Image Source)

The website features recipes to enhance the user experience by educating them in product use.

As 55.3% of potential customers will be loyal to a brand with a top product, you should show how existing customers can use your product in new ways.

This food brand does that using a blog of global recipes.

Small Business Web Design Example #13: Little Pecks

Check out Little Pecks restaurant website. 

(Image Source)

This restaurant prides itself on its friendly vibe, which is shown on its gorgeous, welcoming small business website.

The high-quality images add an approachable tone. The straightforward UVP mirrors this sentiment.

Notice how the two CTA buttons link the bricks-and-mortar establishment with the online community

(Image Source)

The bright, professional website is peppered with kitsch slogans and witty puns, this adds to the inviting tone of the brand.

Pay particular attention to the Spotify playlist. This creates a multi-sensory experience where users can create a whole brand feel at home.

Small Business Web Design Example #14: Zoya’s Pantry

Let’s look at Zoya’s Pantry, an online organic store.

(Image Source)

First, notice the illustrated graphics. Illustrations are all the rage right now, especially to explain tough concepts.

Illustrations fused with soft palettes make for approachable branding, as can be seen here.

Note the soft, round, sans serif fonts for enhanced clarity.

(Image Source)

The website has simple navigation to make it easy to find relevant products.

Buyers are offered free shipping and a surprise gift to help seal the deal.


Now you’re feeling inspired, it’s time to use these website design case studies to spruce up your small business web design.

Just keep in mind that your potential client likes a personalized experience that’s interactive, immersive, and engaging, without being too wordy or overwhelming.

If you have any queries about small business web design, you can always reach out to the experts at Design Woop.

Posted by Jason Bayless