The Hungry JPEG – Graphic Design Resources for Designers

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When you a starting a new design project it could be exhausting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a website design, app design, logo or just a poster or business card. It takes time! You need to find the right elements for every piece.

You need fonts, UI kits, icons and sometimes even a mockups or templates. You can make it by yourself. But, sometimes you don’t have the skill to make it. Sometimes the deadline is too close to finish it one time. There are many various issues. Which can slow down or stop your process? I guess you know what I’m talking about.

But there is one website who can help you with all tasks. Let me introduce you with The Hungry JPEG. The Hungry JPEG offers designers thousand of free and premium graphic design resources available for instant download.

As I like to say The Hungry JPEG is a home of design. Here you can find almost everything you need. But, enough to talk let me take a short guide around the web.


One of the main categories is a shop. Here you can found Add-ons, crafters, fonts, graphics, photos, templates and themes. All of this stuff is premium it means you need to pay for it. But the quality is outstanding. Also, search and categorization help you found the right item for you easily.


Nowadays bundles are very popular. Because you can buy o bunch of design stuff for like $12. Some of the items you can use now, some of them for future projects. The Hungry JPEG offers you various type of the bundles. From mockup, font, and graphic bundles to summer or spring bundles. Also, every month they offer a special month bundle. This month on The March Bundle you can find various of fonts, hand drawn floral illustrations and much more.

$1 Deals

Here you can find amazing products for just $1. From fonts, graphics packs, design templates to other amazing offers. But be aware because each deal is only available for one month.


Please tell me, someone, who doesn’t love a great freebie. I love it! On freebie section, you will find all type of free design stuff. Fonts, mockups, interfaces and much more. Also, you can put this website to your bookmarks and check the freebies when you’re planning to start something new. It will save your time and helps you to put your design to the next level. If you’re a freebie lover don’t forget to check our monthly freebies!


At the end of the introduction of The Hungry JPEG just want to say that premium and free design resources a helping us a lot. It not only saves our time but can improve our design. Because if you going to do everything by yourself it can be not the top level design. Maybe you’re the best on making icons, but your fonts can look bad. Maybe it’s better to pay few dollars and make a top level design.

Posted by Jason Bayless