Thinking Outside the Box: Desirable Packaging Collection

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Within graphic design there are several disciplines, within these one of the great ways to show uniqueness and style is in packaging design. Whether you become creative with; type, illustrations or the functionality of the packaging, you can really stamp your authority on a product. The packaging can often swing a consumers mind and make one product out-sell its competitors.

This roundup features several different types of products which all have unique packaging or folding carton designs, all of which I find to be of the highest quality.

Chocolat Factory by Ruiz+

Death by Chocolate by Denise Frankle

Burgia Nen by Unidesign

Laurona Wine by Impossible

Lisa & Chad Wine by Meggan Cook

Prohibtion by Noah Love

Soy Manelle by Kian

Gotta Moo by Narani Kannan

Water Bobble by Karim Rashid

Palau Water by Tridimage

Works With Water by Elmwood

Vitamin Well by Neumeister

Rimi by Silver

Breakfast Smoothie by Heather Bradley

Infuzions by Parker Williams Design

Kat Von D ‘Saint + Sinner’ by Maesa Studio

Idea Paint by Jones

Posted by Jason Bayless


  1. Theres no perfection in this world, but there are things that are so close.

    Very nice collection indeed!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your response, and offering some solutions.,lucy

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  4. great post!

  5. Wow, wonderful modern-minimal-clean designs seems to be the trend. These are superb, thanks for sharing Jared.

  6. Another great showcase!

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    1. technically it was put together by me ;)

  8. WOW! Amazing collection. Thanks Jarred

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