The Best 10 Tools for Editing Your Drone Photos

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Photography is the simplest thing in the world, but it is incredibly complicated to make it really work.
– Martin Parr

These days it is even easier to take incredible photos from the places which you can’t reach so easily – drones make your photographic life quite simple.

You can make a huge amount of incredible photos with your drone, but you can make these photos look even more amazing by editing them.

Adobe Photoshop


This is the most popular image editing application. This photo – editing software has a wide variety of tools to apply for editing. These tools are organized in categories: drawing; painting; measuring and navigation; selection; typing; retouching. With “Adobe Photoshop” you can access photos on your mobile device, “Dropbox,” “Facebook,” “Creative Cloud,” and “Google Photos.” When you are done with editing your image, you can easily share it with “Facebook,” “Instagram,” “Twitter,” “Flickr,” “WhatsApp” by tapping just once. With “Adobe Photoshop” you don’t need to worry about trying to take the best photo – you can edit or create as you like.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom


This picture – editing program is more accurate for photographers. With this “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom” you can view, organize and retouch a big amount of images. It has a lot of professional features and tools to make the best of your photos. This program is based on catalogs – when you import your photos, you can make it organized in catalogs. The most important thing that with “Lightroom” it’s very easy to edit your images and you can find a lot of tutorials to learn how to do that even faster.

Adobe Photoshop Elements


“Adobe Photoshop Elements” gives the most essential tools and features to make your image to an amazing work. What is the main difference from “Adobe Photoshop”? The answer is that “Adobe Photoshop Elements” is on 8-bit processing (instead of 16-bit). (You can find more information about 8-bit and 16-bit images here.) “Elements” offers selection tools, plugin support, full – color management, and layer processing. “Elements” is a straightforward and fast way to create great photos. This version of “Photoshop” is the best choice if photography is a hobby of your free – time and you enjoy creating amazing photos.



“GIMP” – “GNU Image Manipulation Program” which offers you, even more, tools than “Adobe Photoshop Elements.” It doesn’t matter if you are a photographer, illustrator, graphic designer – “GIMP” is excellent choice to make your photos amazing. You can improve your imagination with “GIMP” – it offers a high – quality image manipulation, and it gives the possibility to create incredible works of art with your images. It also makes graphic designing easier – with “GIMP” you can create graphical design elements and icons. The best thing about this tool that it’s free to use and edit your images.



RawTherapee – The Experimental Raw Photo Editor – is an editor for RAW images (RAW is a file format which takes and saves all the data from the sensor when a photo is taken). This free editor can export 16-bit images and offers basic tools for editing so you should use another photo – editing application as the main one –  for “RawTherapee” the primary goal is to convert a huge amount of RAW files into another file formats. Many people use this application as the preparation for another photo – editing programs.



“Aviary” is a free online tool for image editing. It makes it straightforward and fast to do so you don’t need to spend a lot of time for learning how to use it, and for creating the best of your images. It offers a lot of amazing filters, creative frames, overlays and stickers, and even more tools to make your photo look amazing. After using this app, you can easily share your art to “Instagram,” “Facebook” and “Twitter.”



“PicMonkey” is free to use but also it offers a paid version which gives more filters and tools to choose and edit an image. It is very simple and basic tool for image editing. It gives you layer multiple effects, paints on and paints off effects, original stickers. This app provides an opportunity to make an eye – catching photo and share it to “Facebook” and “Twitter” fast and straightforward.



“Pixlr” is another free photo editor which offers an enormous amount of overlays, filters, effects. You can create photo collages with backgrounds, layouts, and spacings how you like – it’s your choice. It is easy to balance out color, remove red – eyes, blemishes, or whiten your teeth. Also, you can resize and crop your photos, and after all your work you can easily share it through “Instagram,” “Facebook” or another social network.

Corel PaintShop Pro


“Corel PaintShop Pro” gives an opportunity to make incredible and amazing images. This photo – editing software saves your time and makes it easier – you can automatically correct your images with bright 2 SE. This photo editor gives many tools, layer support, many creative drawing tools and filters. It is very similar to “Adobe Photoshop” – you can do almost everything with “Corel PaintShop Pro” as you could do with “Adobe PhotoShop” so the choice of a program is on you.

Corel AfterShot Pro


It is another “Corel” program which offers a fast way to edit RAW format photos. This application has a lot of similar functions as “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom” has. You can choose two ways to manage your files – catalogs or folders. It gives a powerful batch processing, HDR support, camera profiles, lens correction, highlight recovery, non – destructive editing and other creative and powerful features to create a fantastic work with your image.

Posted by Jason Bayless