Tools Your Small Business Should Be Using Today

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Do you know that using the right tools could save you a lot of money?

You are probably outsourcing a lot of tasks to freelance web designers and web developers. But are you aware that with the right tools you could do many of these tasks yourself?

Plus, there are tools that can help you to streamline and optimize your processes, thus adding to your bottom line.

But there are loads of options out there. How can you know what is right for you? In this article, I’ll share tools that helped me in my small business, and will surely help you as well.



It’s becoming more and more popular to ditch offices. Why have one when you can work remotely and enjoy the flexibility and freedom that provides? Don’t worry, I run a remote team myself, so I won’t be nagging you to get an office!

But let’s keep it real, managing a remote team is not all unicorns and rainbows, and sometimes it can be a real headache. It’s much harder to communicate in a timely manner when people are scattered all over the globe. So what is the solution?

You need a solid project management tool. My recommendation? ActiveCollab. It’s simple, but it’s also powerful, and it will make your life much easier. Get things done… And get them done on time!


I’ll be honest with you. A lot of small businesses that have blogs have a bit of an, um, design problem. Sure, content is king… But if your blog looks ugly, no one will stay around long enough to read that content!

MerdianThemes is a great solution to that. Clean, fast, and reliable, they will make your blog look professional in an instant. And all at an affordable price. No need to hire an expensive web designer!


Another issue that I see on a lot of small business websites is poor quality images. You can’t just upload photos you snapped on your iPhone and expect them to look professional. But can you really afford to look like an amateur? I don’t think so.

No, I’m not saying that you should hire a professional photographer (who wants to spend money on things like that?). Simply go to DepositPhotos, get a membership, and start downloading high quality, professional photos without any usage restrictions. You can have professional photos without having to hire a professional to take them!


There are always those little annoying things that are hard to do by yourself if you don’t have any coding skills. Online forms is one of them. But do you really have to hire a developer for something so small?

Fortunately, the answer is no, because 123FormBuilder can help you here. It doesn’t matter what exact form you need – a contact form, a survey, a purchase form – you can do it all yourself. Much more affordable than hiring a developer!


Most people underestimate how important design is. That’s a big mistake. Want people to take you seriously? Your website must look professional.

But that’s easier said than done. Lucky are those who have design skills, but what should the rest of us do? Pay through the nose for a designer?

Not necessarily. With Crello, you can create your own design in 3 easy steps, by simply picking a design format, choosing a template, and then customizing it all to suit your personal taste. No design skills required!


Blogging can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool and should be a part of any content marketing strategy.

WordPress is the biggest and most developed content management platform out there that powers a huge chunk of the Internet. It’s the obvious choice for anyone who wants to get into blogging. But if you are new to it, it can all be rather confusing.

That’s where WPKube comes in. It’s a blog that offers much needed WordPress guidance. From setting up hosting to installing WordPress to getting acquainted with the dashboard, it’s all there.


Still can’t find that perfect WordPress theme?

Undsgn is a ThemeForest Power Elite author team that has been developing WordPress themes since 2008 and are the recipients of multiple international awards.

So how about Uncode theme from Undsgn? It’s fast, reliable, and looks great. It’s also one of the top 6 creative themes of all time! Can’t go wrong with Uncode!


Small business owners often neglect social media. It’s hard to blame them, though. Managing all those profiles and keeping them updated can be overwhelming.

This is what Viraltag can help you with. It’s a great social media marketing tool for sharing visuals. The best thing about it is that it allows you to make updates, schedule posts, and recycle content, all from a single dashboard!

Instagrowth Ninja

Are you struggling with growing your Instagram profile? Don’t worry, you are not alone. It’s hard to stand out in such a crowded space.

This is why you should consider getting help from Instagrowth Ninja. They will find your target audience, interact with them 24/7, and create a lot of buzz around your brand. You will be surprised how quickly your Instagram profile will grow with Instagrowth Ninja!


Sales are at the core of any business, yet many business owners don’t take time to streamline and automate the process. What about you?

The reality is that if you are serious about sales, you need a customer relationship management system. That’s exactly what Salesmate is. It will help you streamline the sales process, optimize your sales pipeline, and improve your overall productivity. Plus, you will make more sales, and more sales means more money!


Don’t wait. Get the right tools now. It will save you a lot of money (and a lot of headache!) in the long run!

Posted by Jason Bayless